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a huge favor
« on: June 07, 2004, 08:34:33 am »
Could someone please make a mission for sfc3 that would allow you to enter an area of abandoned ships where you have to scan each one untill you find the something you are looking forand you have to send an away team over to pick up (for instance if your in a borg wreak you need to get the data nodes) and beam them back while an enemy ship is flying around looking for the same wreak as you.
there could also be ways of working out the situation peacefully with the enemy commander using the hailing ability giving you 1 of a possibale 3 out comes
1 you salvage the item you want and beam back your team before the enemy ship finds you (you win)
2 the AI salvages the item you want (you lose)
3 you destroy the enemy ship and get the item (draw due to the curcumstances)

This could also be used to duplicate the old pegasus hunt with the enterprise d and a romulan warbird

ive asked in the model room for someone to make up the before mentioned wreakage