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Just cleaning up some of the stickies here. Herein this thread there will be links to discussions, articles, tutorials, and bits of useful software regarding modelling, game conversion, etc.

Reply to this thread if you have a suggestion, link, etc, and I will add it to the list.

* A discussion on hardpoints (that is joints in milkshape)
* Get a tutorial, post a tutorial, thread.
* Comprehensive list of ship registries
* Software for aspiring modelers
* GMax plugin for MOD format

Hey, just to let you folks know, I've opened up a dedicated article section to my site. Among these articles are all the video tutorials I've made and will be making.

* Robinomicon Video Tutorials

Captain Doh:
A big thanks dude! As Borat would say: Yakhsamasz! Excellent vids!

Very good Idea!!!!!

Thank you..

New tutorial covering the bare-basics of saucer modelling up at Robinomicon


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