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Images and files from mods past present and future!
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Campaign images, maps, resources, etc.
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Starfleet Command Screenshots

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Technical images, diagrams and media.

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Artwork, renderings and photos by our community members.
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SFC Modelling associated images and media.

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The sort of thing you would expect from a Hydran bard.   ::)
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Screenshots from SFC3.

A couple notes:
1. The computer I took these with is no longer working, and I got these from looking at my old posts on this very forum.  If I'm able to get access to the HDD of that computer, these will be replaced with much higher quality images.
2. THE GALAXY MODEL ISN'T MINE.  It's the Scotch'n'Soda Galaxy from Bridge Commander that was ported to SFC3 many moons ago (in 2005) by manitoba1073.  I helped beta test it.
3. A good number of these images were taken to docum…
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Screenshots I've taken.

I'll say this now: THE CONNIE ISN'T MY CREATION!  All credit for her should go to Wicked Zombie.  All I did was edit some textures on my copy.  As for the mod I'm playing with, its a combination of my own editing of the shiplist, the Firesoul EAW-to-OP mod, and the Nuclear Wessel's mission pack.
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