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Title: Forum Rules
Post by: Dallas on January 28, 2005, 10:20:34 pm
1. Dynaverse.net has the right to remove any message it deems objectionable or that is not in Dynaverse.net's best interest.
These are our boards and we have a responsibility to our visitors.
Your understanding is appreciated.

2. Messages should always maintain a respectful, civil tone towards one another. Name-calling,
personal attacks, baiting of others, and abuse is not allowed.

3. Post on topic.

4. Impersonating a staff member (or anyone else, for that matter) is strictly forbidden. We'll be harsh
on this; identity theft is a serious thing even if it's meant in jest.

5. No "spamming." "Spamming" is the term used to describe posting the same message or
substantially the same message in several places at the same time.

6. No vulgarity or obscenity. If you wouldn't say it to a five year old or in a job interview, don't say it here.

7. Racial or ethnic slurs, or offensive imagery (including but not limited to nudity, excessive violence,
or offensive symbols) will absolutely not be tolerated and will be deleted from the forum.

8. No advertisements. Feel free to share personal accomplishments, however, people come
here to converse, not to wade through product endorsements.  Along with no advertisements,
no money or fund raising is permitted on this site.

9. Board participants are welcome to discuss a myriad of subjects: differing ideologies, product
comparisons, etc. Dynaverse.net (as a entity) will not endorse any one opinion over another. Any
endorsement by an Administrator, Dynaverse.net employee, or Representative is not intended to assert
company views.

10. There will be no group/team accounts allowed.  Multiple accounts are not permitted without advance permission from the Forum Administrators.

11. Private messages are not to be posted in this or other forums or web sites without advanced permission from the sender of the PM.

12. Two wrongs do not make a right.  If you have been subject to a rules violation report it to a moderator or an administrator.  Do not violate rules yourself to make your point, avenge the violation, or express your dissatisfaction.


Privileges to the forums are at Dynaverse.net?s discretion. Disruptive behavior will result in a user's participation in the forum being suspended or lost.

First offense, if minor, will result in a warning.

Additional offensives will result in banning for no less than a week and possibly permanently, depending on the severity of the offense.

After the set times for suspension are up the user may petition the admins
for un-banning via an email to admin@dynaverse.net.

Attempts by a banned user to return to the forum under another alias will be met with immediate suspension of the new alias.
Title: Re: Forum Rules
Post by: FoaS_XC on February 12, 2010, 09:01:16 am
In addition, a notice from the site owner (this is an old quote, I'm putting it here because its part of the rules).

DO NOT post RACIAL stuff in these forums.

You know what I am talking about.

There are plenty of other forums to post those opinions, but if you've chosen to come play in our house, make sure you understand you're agreeing to play by our rules. If you don't like it, please leave your comments in the suggestion box.

Go out the door marked EXIT, turn left, it's there on the wall.

We value EVERYONE's opinion, and that Jew or Lesbian may have thought of something that could change our lives. Intelligent conversation is only such when all parties agree on a neutral ground to discuss their own positions and opinions. This is suppose to be that neutral ground.

Thanks for your time.

Title: Re: Forum Rules
Post by: FoaS_XC on May 22, 2010, 11:15:07 pm
Amendment Rule regarding permissions.

1) Permissions must be respected at all times. Consult the Permissions thread to determine the specific permission of a modeler. If there is no word as to what the permission policy of a person is, assume that permission has not been granted until you receive otherwise. Failure to adhere to the permissions of a modeler will result in disciplinary action.
 - 1a) If you do find a model that does not conform to your permission policy let me know and I will investigate further.
 - 1b) Keep a record of conversations (PMs, Emails, Instant Messages) in which you grant or receive permission.
2) Conversions to other games in which permission policies have not been adhered to will result in disciplinary action on the person who did the conversion (assuming they have an account here).
 - 2a) once again, if you find a model of yours converted to another game without proper credit. Let me know.
 - 2b) Understand that I do not have solid authority on other sites. However, as a moderator of a well-established community, my word may have weight with other site administrators. Nothing is guaranteed, but I promise to give it my best.
3) Always include a readme file giving proper credit in any download you release. (Unless, the permission policy specifically states "Don't Credit Me").
Title: Re: Forum Rules
Post by: FoaS_XC on May 22, 2010, 11:24:07 pm
If you would like to, as you grant permissions to people, you can PM or email me saying "I have granted X-person permission to do Y-thing to my Z-Model(s)". Obviously, this is all your choice, but at least later on there won't be a debate of "he said, she said"

If you are requesting permission from a person, you could also ask that the artist in question send a note to me saying such.