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Title: KDF E-7 Finished....attention Modelsplease...
Post by: Raven Night on August 19, 2008, 04:50:31 am
Ok, the cows have come home. This is the first model I have finished in a long time, and this one is all mine. No connection to Nightsoft whatsoever, so the readme is a bit more lenient.

To put it short, I'm actually proud of this one. It's not perfect, but I put alot of love into this one.

Ok, here is the background story and stats. They are also located in the readme, and I can discuss the location of systems, speed, strength, weapons etc. with you Modelsplease if needed.

KDF E-7 “Blood Honor” (quv ‘lw) class Battlecruiser
Designed by Raven Night

In the Year 2375 the Klingon High Command decided that a replacement was needed for the aging but reliable D-7 Ktinga class. As a result, 200 were commissioned by council, assigned to Morak for design and construction, the first 25 sent into active service by 2378. IKV certification was granted the following year. It was Morak’s intention to honor the original design of the D-7, while incorporating modern innovations in the design.

The ship is reported to be in the same class range, though larger than the original D-7, and has about the same maneuverability and crew compliment. That is where the similarities end, however. The vessel is reported to be faster (though the same speed at impulse, much faster at warp), have more armor, more weaponry and stronger shields than its predecessor. Overall a marked improvement.

This vessel is reported to have a single torp launcher aft and fore, 4 medium long range disruptor cannons (ventral wing pods), 4 fore and 2 aft short range light disruptor cannons, and 5 very short range defensive disruptors located in key positions on the hull (2 Dorsal, 3 Ventral), mainly used to defend against drones, small vessels and torpedoes.

The ship has 4 hangars, one main hanger aft that contains one small drop ship and 3 fighters, one just to the front of the engineering assembly, located on the ventral boom and used primarily for 2 shuttles and storage access, and 2 aft-facing bays on the ventral crew module with 1 shuttle each. Like the D-7, this ship can carry up to 200 ground troops.

The vessels main strength over its predecessor appears to be the addition of extra armor plating without reducing impulse speed and the 4 long range medium disruptor cannons, making the ship much more effective against capital ships. The cannons have a slow firing rate however, so the ship still has to rely on hit and run tactics to stand up against ships outside of its class. The D-7s weakness on its ventral rear hull has been eliminated.

This vessel is reported to be on par with the early Mark 1 Vorcha class cruisers, circa 2351, but is inferior to the improved Mark 2 Vorchas from 2365. As a result of the deployment of this vessel, the D-7 has been reclassified as a cruiser. Mainframe upgrades are expected for this vessel over the next 40 years, with a total expected useful operational age of 120-140 years.

Length: 329m     Height: 51m     Width: 241m
Decks: 19
Mass: 256,000 metric tons
Complement: 64 Officers, 340 Enlisted (404 Total Standard Crew), 200 ground troops
Power: 1 Type 8 Dilithium Warp Core, 2 Type 4 Fusion Cores
Embarkment craft: 1 Drop Ship, 3 Fighters, 4 Shuttles
Propulsion: 2 STN810 Dilithium Graf Units, 2 SBN20 Impulse Units
Velocity: Warp 5.5 Cruising, Warp 9.0 Maximum Speed
Weapons and cloak: 4 medium long range disruptor cannons, 6 short range light disruptor cannons (rapid fire), 5 very short range defensive disruptors, 2 Type 7 Torpedo launchers, Type J4e Cloak array (4 emitters, 2 coils)
Shields: Type H4, 35 emitters
Armor: Grade 7a

Here are some pics...I removed the advanced lighting so you could get a peek at what the ship would probably look like in-game. This is a Max 5.1 mesh, error free as far as I can tell, one single mesh, all the textures have been checked...no funny backwards symbols or anything. She sits at 6756 polys, and I believe she is currently in the proper scale (I used Moons Dark KCA as reference). She has 4 sets of three textures, Diff, Spec and Glow. I didnt do Hardpoints, ill try my hand at that for the next model.

I also included the house panels in the zip for you Modelsplease. I ask that you do not release the Max mesh to anyone. I am asking for only game versions to be distributed, so once you are done converting this one to SFC I ask that you destroy the original mesh. The link to the file will be sent to you by PM, again, please do not distribute the link. I will be removing the original file in two days.

Now the pics.
Title: Re: KDF E-7 Finished....attention Modelsplease...
Post by: Rod ONeal on August 19, 2008, 06:21:02 am
She came out great, Raven. Excellent work! :thumbsup:
Title: Re: KDF E-7 Finished....attention Modelsplease...
Post by: Raven Night on August 19, 2008, 02:17:14 pm
Thanks, Im pretty happy with how this one turned out. There are still a few kinks to work out, like converting the mesh properly to 3ds to ease the conversion process, and streamlining my model making methods so it doesnt take me a year to do a single mesh.

The longest part is the textures. I spent alot of time on the maps, and I dont think that will change. It has to look right to me for me to release it. I think this one turned out well. I still have a long way to go yet though.