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Title: Recording issues
Post by: AlchemistiD on December 14, 2008, 12:06:11 am
Hello, I have a quick question about virtual desktops.

I'm looking for one that will just give me a window to run applications in fullscreen mode in, without me having to run them actually fullscreen.  I'd like to know of any as it would make capturing game footage for playthroughs easier.  I'm currently recording, and Gens+ is a real bear to use, especialy since FRAPS will only record in fullscreen.
Title: Re: Recording issues
Post by: Pestalence_XC on December 14, 2008, 08:11:34 am
I usually use Camtasia Studio .. however mine came in a software bundle.. normal cost is about $230

It works with MS Office Powerpoint or on its own, screen captures windowed or full screen.. converts to many different formats.. you can also edit frame by frame if need be.

it captures both video and sound, and they can be edited separately.

Hope that this helps..

the Trial has a 30 free use, no water marks, full function.. after that.. you have to purchase it.. that is unless you have a good registry cleaner (uninstall Camtasia Trial, clean registry, restart system clean registry again, restart, reinstall Camtasia.. and you have a new 30 trial time).