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Title: IE 8 Beta .Download Accelerators and FPS meters.
Post by: Age on December 21, 2008, 10:04:47 am
I would  like  to  know  when a  good time  to  download IE8 beta  as  I put  on my  older  machiine  and there  are  some  nice  features about even more  so than  FF or  Opera.When  would be  good  time to put  it on  my  main machine?

What  are  some  good download  accelerators  for  IE7 I do use  download  them  all on FF but  what is  good  for  IE7 and  not  Getright?

What  are  some  good  FPS  meters  for  Orion  Pirattes like  the  one  Pestalance is using  in reply  #20 seen here?


What  are  some  good  ones?

Thanks  guys.