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Title: =/\= sad news for wacky radio listeners everywhere
Post by: stoneyface on June 08, 2010, 07:45:07 pm
tis truly a sad moment when i have to announce the end of a 40 year run of a program on radio. a staple of humorists and radio listeners of crazy comedy for a long time, dr. demento will be going off the air :( this makes me incredibly sad as i spent many a sunday night listening to classic spoofs and gag songs as a kid. everything from "star wreck" to "squirrels". the site: http://drdemento.com/ has announced the end. this weekend will be the last radio show broadcast EVER. :( they will still stream the show via internet but the long reign of zaniness listened to in hushed tones by kids violating bed time rules will end.

i am going to go listen to my dr. demento cd's for old times sake