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Title: Jinn stories
Post by: WarSears on January 22, 2018, 06:06:39 am
Does anybody have the squirrel story and any other Jinn stories. Telling my son on the great stories he used to tell and now he wants to read them
Title: Re: Jinn stories
Post by: Brush Wolf on January 22, 2018, 02:46:22 pm
Ask and ye shall receive.

Title: Re: Jinn stories
Post by: KAT J'inn on April 25, 2018, 11:20:05 am

Official Voice:  Hello, Michigan State Police.

J'inn:   Yes I would like to report a case of child abuse.

Police:  Yes sir!  What is it?   Beatings?  Psychological?  Bullying?   Displaying picture of Trump?

J'inn:  No it's worse!!

Police:  You mean . . . gasp . . .

J'inn:  Yeah he is telling his son stories!!

Police:  Wait . . what . . .   Sir, you realize this is a 911 line and using it for non-emergency B.S. is a crime right?

J'inn:   J'inn Stories!!

Police:  OH DEAR LORD!!   <faint sound of a man trying not to barf>   Name and address sir!??

J'inn <gives out Warsears' Facebook page>

Police:  YIKES!!    He looks sketchy!  Hey this is the guy who was naked at the last union anti - NAFTA demonstration.   With "I Got Your NAFTA Right Here" painted on his chest.   <shudder> and the downward arrow.

J'inn:  <stunned silence>

Police: We are on it sir.  Thank you.