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Well, I don't know if this place'll let me post imgs or not, (think it will because I saw one a minute ago), but I thought that seeing we're dispossessd, this'd be the perfect time and place to reveal my new one.. an original one of mine based on a show.


The setting.. it's a few years from now.  Earth is doomed.  The solar system is doomed.  Interstellar travel is here, but it's still sublight.  In a desperate bid to save the human race, 500,000 of the best and brightest people of various cultures and races are placed aboard the last hope of Mankind, and shot into the stars to try and escape what's coming.  The then the solar system dies.

For one hundred years, all goes according to plan. This generational ship goes out at 1/3c in order to try and find a new home for humanity.  The human race is now sealed in habitat domes, each several miles across.  Almost all the people now living on the ship were born in space, and they all expect to die in space.  But for some of them, not this soon.  An accident.  The bridge is destroyed.  The crew, the mission, dead.  But this is space, and the ship flies on.  Crewless, going somewhere unknown.

Three hundred years pass, and Earth is just a legend told to kids around a campfire. Nothing is odd about thinking of your world only being several miles across in a bowl valley.  All these little worlds, cut off from each other. Isolated and alone, hurtling through space.  To where?

Their ship is the Ark, and these are.. The Starlost.


Well, that's a general synopsis I paraphrased from what I remember of a Canadian sci-fi TV show a long time ago. It was the disowned brainchild of Harlan Ellison that only lasted 16 or so episodes, but the premise was cool. 

Three Amish-like hicks from the sticks have to try and grasp that they are on a generational ship, their world, the only one they knew, was just a dome on an arm on this ship, and they have to save it and all the other domes as their ship is on a collision course with a star.  And they not only don't know where the controls are, but the computer is fritzing out, and they don't know where to find the controls.  Oh, and the ship is 200 *miles* long and somewhere on it is a small dome with backup controls. 

Oh, and almost forgot, of the three, one man and one woman love each other.  But she's promised in an arranged marriage to the other man, who doesn't love her and she doesn't love him.  And he is duty bound to kill the first man, who is a good friend and who he'd like to see married to the woman who he doesn't want, but is duty bound to marry.  Fun times for all.

All that, and cameos by William Shatner, John Delancie, and Walter Koenig.. and not to mention no budget and bad acting.  :D

But here's where it's at right now with the shots I'm working from..

Currently sitting at roughly 10000 or so polies, and canon length 200 miles, this'll maybe be either unarmed, or I'll go with the canon idea of an automatic defense system based with the ignited and ionized hydrogen scoop going for an ESG-style lance from the front.  And I'll include 2 versions.. canon scale, and a (probably) 2 mile version.  ;)

I'd not have posted pics or spilled the beans on it yet, but hey.. it really fits the times.  :)
..ooOOoo..totally useless information..ooOOoo..

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Re: Ack, Opera not happy here, but hey, I made it by. (New ship shot)
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