Topic: An up-to-date Installation & Operation guide to SFC3 on Win 10 (with Dynaverse3)  (Read 5229 times)

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An up-to-date Installation & Operation guide to SFC3 on Win 10 (with Dynaverse3)

Hello all!

My name is RectumTosser, but I go by RectumT for short ^ ^
I know, it's an odd, Troll-like name - but I assure you all that my actions are just!
I just have no interest in giving out my real name if I need not~

But I digress,
I am here today to offer those of you interested in a, Star-Trek fueled cooperative/competitive multiplayer campaign experience!.. a way to fulfill your dreams and travel amongst the stars with friends/foes a-like.
If you are interested, I ask that you continue reading.
With that being said - the process I had to endure to bring you this step-by-step guide took me over 3 weeks in length, not to mention the writing/citation time.. so believe me when I say - in my most Canadian personality - I will not be including viral/infectious software with this tutorial.. the links and files/folders I will be providing have been sifted through thoroughly to ensure a, "No BS" approach. If you still choose to continue from here, know it is of your own accord - but understand that I thank you for putting your trust in my hands.
I will not abuse that trust.

But moving on!

I will be attaching my guide to this post (if possible?) so please follow that!
^ ^ It is very thorough so there should be no problems, but if at any-time you are stuck, please leave a detailed reply and I will try to get back to you ASAP!

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This is from the 2012-2016 period.

This is like using square wheels when round ones are available.

from this mod's sfc.ini:


We have more flexible resolutions with Height and Width variables (instead of resmode) with the newer SFC3 HiDef & Gamespy patch.

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Yeah, this looks out of date.  Better information on this can be found here: