Topic: Concerning those who have Ad-Aware and Spybot..  (Read 11811 times)

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Re: Concerning those who have Ad-Aware and Spybot..
« Reply #40 on: February 22, 2005, 09:00:46 pm »
Valid points...  ESPECIALLY HP WITH THE CHEAP PLASTIC CRAP!!!  >:(... lol sorry to shout, they went downhill after the divisions split up... and joined with compaq... and got a female ceo <ducks>... the best hp printer I ever had was the deskjet 540... they're all garbage now....however...

The PC I built myself five years ago is the one I'm still working on... it will still be good for a while yet. (and I abuse it horribly). The only thing that is making me look at upgrading is Nexus... if the non-HT&L patch does not work with my old matrox G450 then I'll look at putting in a Matrox Parhelia to do the job (drool).. in anticipation of building a P4 box... I've been putting it off as long as possible because bus and board designs are changing so fast and I half expect the current processors themselves to become quickly obsolete... but I fully expect the next PC I build to last me 5-7 years... I just don't expect the OS to... (for home use anyway... sure MS-DOS 5 is still good for some jobs 20 years later but SFC won't run on it... hehe...;))  ... I expect my PC to last as long as a car,  I do not expect a personal OS version to... that would be silly... like saying one Driver's ed course will do you for your whole 60+ year driving career (unfortunately many think this is the case...)

to continue my rant... one must purchase quality at the outset... if you are looking to save $50 bucks overall on a PC purchase then you are a fool... one must look at each component and its suitabilty for the job you have in mind... not to mention that anything less than top notch quality is out of the question... similarly the latest and greatest is out of the question... usually ~16 month old technology is the best buy.

And bundled OEM OS installations on premade systems are usually bad news... I like to use an intact version of windows I'm sure of to install on a machine I've built.

Still hammering away on my PIII Tualatin 133FSB machine lol... (which still beats many new cheapy P4 builds in performance btw...)

However I build my webservers on cheapy premounted AMD processor boards and treat them disposably (not the data though).

Bottom line: I want and expect my chosen OS to update and change frequently to meet my demands and the demands of others... though usually this snowballs into pig products like Windows and Linux... which is why I continue to explore things like FreeBSD and QNX... (my webserver is on its third free version of QNX in as many years... I love it... :P)

I could rant on hardware quality and OS popularity vs obscurity for ages... lol.