Topic: =/\= x37b flight 2, one fast quadruped cheetah robot, AI, and space beer!  (Read 1755 times)

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lots of stuff to  cover today. lots of good choices. the most exciting to me is the second flight of the X37B prototype super secret aircraft! how amazing that we even know about this thing. but that is the way of the new digital frontier. i like transparency. what can i say.

anyway, good stuff. here is an excellent, but short, article about it:

a new robot has been built and it is faster than any human on earth. this new robot is a quadruped cheetah and this sucker is just smoking fast! did i mention it is beautiful? Ravage...errr the robot cheetah ;) was built by the robotic company Boston Dynamics. read the article here:

steve grand is out to create artificial life, it is his dream. with a long history of design and construction of robots, he has an excellent chance to succeed. a quite informative article and quite amazing technology. read here:

finally, SPACE BEER! i know i have mentioned it before but i stumbled across another article about this company and it's product. have a look and be amused. it's got to be better than tang!
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MMMMM Beer  :drink: