Topic: =/\= library of the future. and an open letter from the world’s PC fixers  (Read 1487 times)

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so, great article on how i hope most libraries will look like in the future. it will require private funding i am sure but it can be done if those in the group of "have's" donate some of their extra cash. it is beautiful and very "trek" in my mind. who wouldn't love to walk into this
article here:,0,367729.story

next an amusing and sometimes serious open letter to the world from the PC fixers of the world. as one of these unfortunate pc guru's that the family calls when anything goes wrong with their pc, i laughed and sometimes cringed. read it and you will be a better person. well maybe. ;) read it here:
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I like that library concept.

I like it a lot actually. I'll be sure to read the PC article here in a few bro.

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