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Legions at war server now running
« on: November 07, 2011, 05:22:26 am »
Tired of the same ol 2 or 3 ships and easy missions. The Galactic Foreign Legions server for sfc3 Legions at War is now running. new missions include maggot: where its you vs fighters and in battleship class its around 20 of em. War: its every race with 5 ships each battleing it out Bounty Hunter: you have a bounty on your head ships respawn from frigate to bb and repeat never ends and rewards are great. We have also edited planet assault and base assault missions where the planet has a base and more ai and bases have more ai. We also are using cardassian and species ai. AI are harder and smarter and unpredictable. Very hard server not for the lighthearted. If u want a challenging sfc3 game join in. for download links.