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plus a couple more! lots of cool stuff today so i am going to get right to it :)

first up is a new "deep space atomic clock" idea by nasa. the branch of nasa i love the most, the jet propulsion lab, is the creator of this new "hopefully" more accurate atomic clock. it is just going to be easier to read the article instead of me trying to summarize. read it here:

this got me really excited. the next article is a compilation of the top 100 sci-fi/fantasy works of all time! sponored by npr and voted on and submitted by users; the list was then looked at by a panel of experts. i really like the list so far. i would point out that my favorite and the one that has integrated with my pathos is number four. it is so deeply integrated into my psyche that my hallucinations involve my brain putting my experience into dune terms... :)
anyway lots of great pics here and i have read most of them on the list! hurray for readers!!! read the list here:

next up is the youngest exoplanet discovered yet, some argue it is a protoplanet but it still remains the youngest found. discovered by the keck telescope in hawai'i, this protoplanet is five times younger than the next youngest exoplanet discovered yet! amazing stuff! 450 light years away from earth is a very young star system and a young planet in the earliest stages of forming from a disk of material. humbling stuff. read about it here:

quantum levitation! yes, you heard me right. this is not the cheap magnetic levitation that has a lot of toys made from it's theory. this uses a whole new way to levitate objects. the video is awesome and i can totally see the future of this tech. now we need those pesky room temperature super conductors we have been dreaming of for years... ;)  read the article here:

finally an article about the 100 space faring conference that i have previously reported on. this is an article about the possible starship designs of the next 100 years. it is on website so you may need an acct to read the article. it is still worth mentioning here :)
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