Topic: =/\= NASA tractor beam research! yes! also german multicopter manned flight  (Read 1641 times)

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wow, what a great story to wake up to today! it seems that a nasa team has won funding to investigate TRACTOR BEAMS! yet another star trek innovation has begun to transform from fantasy to reality. at this point it is investigating particles only. you won't see enemy ships held immobile while being raped with photon torpedoes anytime soon (gorn anchor anyone?!) but the project may yield ways to capture particles from asteroids, moons, planetary atmospheres (think titan and jupiter). i can't wait to see what comes from this. read about it here:
there is even a brief video.

i thought this next story was just cool. a german techie with a passion for ultralites and multicopters (ar.parrot drone) has built a small single seat with 16 mini rotors that has accomplished low manned flight. the pics are neat and the goal is small, light, cheap craft available for all. read about it here:
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