Topic: =/\= prof. hawking states survival depends on space, higgs boson hunt endgame  (Read 3034 times)

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professor hawking has stated something that i have believed for years. i am glad to hear him say it too. we NEED to get to space. our long term survival as a species depends on it. earth is only a starting point. so prof. hawking said a lot of great and interesting things. to get his take on this thought, read here for details:

for many quantum physicists, there is nothing but the higgs boson. by this i mean that the hunt for the higgs is the most important work currently going on for many scientists in the field. as we get closer and closer to actually finding it, the excitement level cranks up as well. well many in the field think that we are getting extremely close to finding it. many, in fact, think that we are in the stage of "endgame" for finding it and it is only a matter of time. an interesting article talks about this very subject. read here for details:
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