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SFC:OP Equivilent Ships
« on: January 03, 2013, 04:05:16 pm »
Guys, I believe there is no set standard, however what would the most likely designations for the Loknar, Saladin, Larson, Charger, and Northampton be in OP? (for instance, the Charge I downloaded is a DDG+)

Second, can you recommend any other classes to download to make the Fed ships more accurate?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: SFC:OP Equivilent Ships
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2013, 09:55:30 pm »
Regarding the Saladin, DD or DE. For the Larson, DW or DDL. The Loknar FFE perhaps. Northhampton, XFF maybe.


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Re: SFC:OP Equivilent Ships
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2013, 04:24:40 pm »
The Loknar due to its size would make a nice NCL Varient. :)

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Re: SFC:OP Equivilent Ships
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2013, 09:09:18 pm »
After 3 days of snooping around the interwebs...I've com up with the following ships and their possible SFC equals, thanks to the There is just no way that this list can be accurate, but it's a start (and it's installed...)  ;D If you would please, I would like everyone's input on ways to make the list better, As in my search, I never found a comprehensive list. Please I insist on corrections and improvements!  Thanks!

Un-named refers to ships that did not have a class that I could find, and n/a refers to ship classes I couldn't find, so I kept the in game models.

F-POL   Solar   Police Ship
F-POL+   Solar   Police Ship
F-FLG   Solar   Police Flag Ship
F-FLG+   Solar   Police Flag Ship
F-FF   Ranger   Frigate
F-FFG   Ranger   Improved Frigate
F-FFD   Thufir   Drone Frigate
F-FFD+   Thufir   Drone Frigate
F-FFE   Anubus   Frigate Escort
F-FFE+   Anubus   Frigate Escort
F-FFL   n/a   Frigate Plasma
F-FFL+   n/a   Frigate Plasma
F-FFR   Guide   Frigate Escort
F-FFR+   Guide   Frigate Escort
F-FFB   Daran   Battle Frigate
F-FFV   Hornet   Escort Carrier
F-FFV+   Hornet   Escort Carrier
F-DW   Loknar   War Destroyer
F-DWC   Loknar   Command War Destroyer
F-DWD   Salazar   War Drone Destroyer
F-DWA   Un-named   War Destroyer Escort
F-DWV   n/a   War Destroyer Carrier
F-HDW   Un-named   Heavy War Destroyer
F-CDW   Davies   Commando War Destroyer
F-CFF   Oberth   Commando Frigate
F-CFF+   Ranger   Commando Frigate
F-PV+   Abbe   Police Carrier
F-DE   Saladin   Destroyer Escort
F-DER   Saladin   Destroyer Escort-R
F-SC   Anderson   Scout
F-SC+   Anderson   Scout
F-DD   Larson   Destroyer
F-DD+   Larson   Destroyer
F-DDG   Charger   Guided Weapons Destroyer
F-DDG+   Charger   Guided Weapons Destroyer
F-DDL   Scimitar   Destroyer Leader
F-DDL+   Scimitar   Destroyer Leader
F-CL   Durrett   Light Cruiser
F-CL+   Durrett   Light Cruiser
F-CLD   Un-named   Light Drone Cruiser
F-CLD+   Un-named   Light Drone Cruiser
F-ECL   Shanks   Escort Cruiser
F-NCL   Baker   New Light Cruiser
F-NCL+   Baker   New Light Cruiser
F-NCD   Miranda (Refit)   New Drone Cruiser
F-NCD+   Miranda (Refit)   New Drone Cruiser
F-NEC   Kearsarge   New Escort Cruiser
F-NAC   Kiev   New Aegis Cruiser
F-NER   Alseides   New Escort Cruiser
F-NSC   Akyazi   New Scout Cruiser
F-NSC+   Akyazi   New Scout Cruiser
F-CLC   Ticonderoga   Light Command Cruiser
F-NCA   Andor   New Heavy Cruiser
F-NCM   Miranda   Miranda Class
F-NCC   Miranda   New Heavy Command Cruiser
F-NCT   Mephisto   New Commando Transport
F-NCT+   Mephisto   New Commando Transport
F-NVS   Catalina   New Strike Carrier
F-NVL   Nimitz   New Light Carrier
F-NVL+   Nimitz   New Light Carrier
F-CA   Constitution   Heavy Cruiser
F-CA+   Constitution   Heavy Cruiser
F-CAR   Enterprise   Heavy Cruiser
F-CAI   Enterprise   Heavy Cruiser Improved
F-CC   Chandley   Command Cruiser
F-CC+   Chandley   Command Cruiser
F-GSC   n/a   Galactic Survey Cruiser
F-GSC+   n/a   Galactic Survey Cruiser
F-CAD   Northampton   Heavy Drone Cruiser
F-CAD+   Northampton   Heavy Drone Cruiser
F-CADR   Northampton   Heavy Drone Cruiser
F-CB   Balson   Heavy Command Cruiser
F-CVB   Balson   Heavy Command Cruiser
F-BCG   n/a   Battlecruiser (Kirov Class)
F-BCF   n/a   Battlecruiser (Bismarck Class)
F-BCJ   n/a   Battlecruiser (New Jersey Class)
F-BCE   n/a   Battlecruiser Excelsior Class
F-CFS   Rosenzweig   Fire Support Cruiser
F-CFS+   Rosenzweig   Fire Support Cruiser
F-CVS   Illustrious   Strike Carrier
F-CVS+   Illustrious   Strike Carrier
F-CVL   Youngblood   Light Carrier
F-CVL+   Youngblood   Light Carrier
F-BCV   Un-named   Battle Carrier
F-DN   Federation   Dreadnought
F-DN+   Yorktown   Dreadnought
F-SCS   n/a   Space Control Ship
F-DNG   Ascension   Improved Dreadnought
F-DNH   n/a   Heavy Dreadnought
F-DNF   n/a   Plasma Dreadnought
F-CVA   Zeus   Heavy Carrier
F-CVA+   Zeus   Heavy Carrier
F-BB   Kodiak   Battleship