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SFC3 Mod Help Please
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:14:43 am »
I have swapped out the borg for cardassian, ships work fine etc. my issue lies with the fact when i try to play as cardassian i get the correct starter ship, but i cant access the starbase' or planet's. they say they are in cardassian space but they have borg names and will attack me. which bakes my noodle as they are the same colour as me, and when i encounter borg they are a different colour but have cardassian names.

so how do i change the startbbases and planets to let me buy stuff, i can live the names issues being wrong for the moment. oh and the other thing is the ranks still show as borg and even though the description is cardassian the race pic is borg too.

yeah i know that was quite alot, but im just hoping it some simple file i have failed to edit that will be the magic fix.

anyways to the more important stuff, how are all you trekkie freaks doing? oh wait i like trek too... doh!

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Re: SFC3 Mod Help Please
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2017, 01:07:55 pm »
Were you ever able to figure this out? 

To do a full race conversion so the game will accept the race flips, you will need the following:

Photoshop or equivalent for creating the Cardassian emblems, artwork and rank insignia. All artwork must be saved as bitmaps to the game.
a Q3 editor to allow you to view and edit the Borg and Cardassian artwork and flip their assigned slots.  From here, you can also change weapon icons and hud items.
Artifex map editor for Starfleet Command.  Once you have flipped the assigned arrangements in ALL the relevant Assets and MetaAssets file folders*, the map will need to reflect your changes, otherwise the game engine gets goofy when attempting to execute the changes.   This can be the reason you can't generate stations (because they have to be added to the map), refit at presumed friendly planets and stations and why you get attacked by your own AI.

The above programs are necessary for a true race swap and to avoid disappointing game play.

*As far as flipping the races, the change must be done in each file that lists both the Borg and Cardassians.  This includes the line item references in the strings and aaSrings found in the Strings sub-folder for Assets.
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