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SFC Vol 2: EAW Windows 10 Help
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:40:33 pm »
Hi everyone,

So i think Iím getting close to being actually able to play this game, but Iíve run into a few challenges:

1.) Iíve installed patch 2.036 (in order to install patch 2.037), however, when I try to install patch 2.037, it says the ďfiles have already been movedĒ and asks me to delete the batch file. Does anyone have any idea?

2.) I followed the instructions to make the screen bigger, by modifying the .ini file, but when I launch the game, although the intro is full screen, it quits the intro halfway and displays the main menu at a tiny size, with black all around it. Does anyone know how to address this on Windows 10?

3.) Sporadically, the game will quit and tell me I need Direct X 6.

If anyone has any experience with the above, and/or overall how to make this thing run well on a Windows 10 machine, I would be extremely grateful for any help!

Thanks, everyone!!

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Re: SFC Vol 2: EAW Windows 10 Help
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2019, 11:04:03 pm »
Here's the text of the Install_2037 batch file:

Code: [Select]
@echo OFF
TITLE Starfleet Command 2.037 Patch

IF NOT EXIST 2037.ready.txt GOTO ERROR2

ECHO Updating strings...
MOVE aaStrings.txt assets\strings
MOVE quicktips.txt assets\strings
MOVE strings.txt assets\strings
MOVE shipnames.txt assets\strings

ECHO Updating specs...
MOVE shiplist.txt assets\specs
MOVE ftrlist.txt assets\specs

ECHO Updating sprites...
MOVE sprites.q3 assets\sprites

DEL 2037.ready.txt

ECHO Directory Error! "Install_2037.bat" must be in the game's root folder.

ECHO Files have already been moved. Delete this batch file.

ECHO Finished.

The only way to get that message, Jonbre, is by running the batch file twice. Your operating system may have refused to move some files because they "came from another computer" and were therefore blocked. If so, just move the sprite, specs, and strings files manually to the associated asset folders.

Your 2.037 splash screen should show the old SFC1 splash screen with Empires At War displayed in plain font:,163396632.msg1123056434.html#msg1123056434

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Re: SFC Vol 2: EAW Windows 10 Help
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 09:06:29 pm »
Thanks for the info!  I went back in, and replaced the asset files, and the application works pretty well.
The screen is normal-sized, but the game still quits, intermittently.  I'll look around for any files to help stabilize.

Thanks again!