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Idea anyone
« on: June 28, 2003, 09:08:41 pm »
Its been a few since I gave any ideas for scripts(if that .000001% care). Well anyway, I've always wanted a script that had to do with ships seperating(galaxy and prometheus for example).Lets say you start out with your ship being whole. Then you seperate, take command of the best section and the other(s) r under your command. Lets say your objective is to take out the same number of enemys as your sections with around the same bpv.But the only models that I know of that would work for that are knox's galaxy, saucer and stardrive for it. I've been trying to get someone to do the same for the prometheus but no luck. Does anybody like this idea? I know its sort of complicated but I know it is possible because of some of the SP Romulan missions for SFC3.Any comments?