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Scenario: Blood Feud
« on: December 28, 2004, 02:59:33 pm »
Relations between the Lyrans and the Mirak were never cordial and were marked by many border skirmishes.  This battle was interesting because of the terrain.

Two Patrolling Frigates met and summoned help.

Terrain: Small Asteroid Field Map

Era: Early

Lyran Pelt Hunter County:
CA.  GABPV: 138.  Max Shuttles
DD.  GABPV: 82.  Max Shuttles
FF.   GABPV: 63.  Max Shuttles

Total Force BPV: 283

Mirak Count's Fleet:
CC.  GABPV: 135.  Max Shuttles.  Stock load of Type I Drones
FF.   GABPV: 62.  Max Shuttles.  Stock load of Type I Drones
FF.   GABPV: 62.  max Shuttles.  Stock load of Type I Drones

Total Force BPV: 259

Mirak start the match with 24 victory pts. 

Both teams have the option of purchasing Commander's Options (additional Mines, Marines, Repairs) to the amount of 20% of each ship's base BPV.  This is up to each individual Ship captain and these buy points cannot be pooled.  This will impact the total force BPV and thus alter the starting victory points situation.

The Battle continues until all ships on one side are destoryed or disengage.