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**For Maverick** Please read
« on: February 05, 2005, 05:28:05 am »
Hey Bucky,

You had asked me to be on the lookout for the CVSZ that you had been assigned.    I have seen 3 during the time I was playing after you logged off.   I had told you that I was going to start an extra account for you and buy it if I saw it.   Well, one major problem with that plan.   The initial account balance was not enough to buy the ship.  So, what I need you to do is send my via PM on this forum or over at bozobits your account information and I will buy it under that account when I see it.   (CVSZ cost est. 13k, so make sure you have enough PP)

Remember that account info includes (1) email address, (2) password, and (3) account nickname.

I'll do what I can once you send me the info.


(Darn.  I knew you were just gonna love the name "LittleTadpole" that I had picked out for ya.   ;D  )
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