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Old GZ League Rules
« on: March 25, 2005, 08:01:13 am »
GZ Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates Rules

Exit to main Standard Patrol Battle Rules Patrol Battle Matrix
I. Divisional Ladder

1. Joining

1.1 Each Fleet participating in the Divisional League can have a single “Squadron” in competition. All members of a Fleet are eligible to fly in the Squadron during the Fleets weekly scheduled matches. Once your Fleet is established and your roster meets the minimum membership requirements, you may request the Lead Admin place enter your Fleet’s squadron into the team pool prior to the start of the next season/cycle. Teams are placed into divisions/conferences at random.

2. Roster Requirements

2.1 For a fleet to be created, an application must be submitted by the Fleet Admiral. Once created, the Roster will have only that Admiral on the Roster. It is then that Admiral’s responsibility to add new members to that fleets roster.

2.2 Each race needs a Race selected as it’s primary race. This is the race that must be flown in all League Matches (exception: see 6.5) as well as the race used in any GamerZ Campaign

2.2.1 Fleet Races – The following are the approved Fleet Races for Gamer-Z: SFC2 Orion Pirates League. Federation Klingon Romulan ISC Gorn Hydran Lyran Mirak Orion Pirates (any Fleet selecting Orion Pirates as their 'race' will be eligible to use any of the 8 Pirate Fleets for ship selection) *edit as of 12/19

2.3 Once a Fleet has a total of 3 members, it is eligible to participate in the League Competition.

2.4 As new members are added (after the start of the Season/Cycle) they must sit out of all matches for a full 7 day cycle before they are allowed to participate in a match.

3. League Admins and Watchers

3.1 If 72 hours or greater before any given match a clan wishes to have a neutral watcher oversee their scheduled match, one may be requested. This will force the match to be a 2v2 team game.

3.1.1 If the assigned watcher is not desired by one of the participating clans then another may be assigned by 48 hours in advance.

3.2 If you wish to apply to become a watcher or league admin go to the following link and fill out the application to become an admin

4. Ranking

4.1 Ranking is based solely upon your win/loss ratio. The system will work very similar to the NFL or MLB where you will compete mostly against clans in your particular division, but also some cross division games.

4.2 The clan with the best overall win/loss ratio will be ranked first place and on down in descending percentage order.

4.2.1 In the case of a tie at the end of the season, the playoff tiebreakers will be as follows: Divisional Record Head to Head Record If still tied the teams will engage in a tie breaker match using normal GZ match rules.

5. Match Setup

5.1 Matches will NOT be arranged as a typical ladder (ie by negotiation). As said previously this League will run like most professional sports.

5.2 All matches and terms are predetermined at the beginning of each week. You are given the schedule of fleets you will face at the start of every new season or cycle.

5.3 It is assumed that all matches will be played on GSA, however teams can make arrangements to play IP direct games if they so desire

5.4 The Forums and Clan Outpost on the site are to be used as the main means of communication between clans. This can only be seen by admins who will oversee the match, so it's secure and safe to give out passwords.

5.4.1 Do not use email, icq, msn, aim, or any other means of communication for scheduling a match, unless it is the only means available to give the designated admin or watcher the match schedule information. All other information should be given through either the clan outpost or private forums.

5.4.2 All matches schedules must be agreed upon completely at least 48 hours before the set day and time of the match and 72 hours if a watcher or admin is needed to oversee the match.

5.4.3 There will be one match per week (consisting of a best of 3 series) and must be scheduled on a fairly quick basis. If a match is not scheduled then both clans involved will forfeit the match unless one clan attempts to start negotiations with no reply from the opposing clan. Then the attempting clan will receive the victory by forfeit.

5.4.4 If a team cannot show up on a scheduled date and notifies the admins and opposing clan at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled day of the match; a reschedule will be allowed within the following week. The team will have to show up for the scheduled rematch or receive a forfeit. If the team who could make the match is unable to find a date to reschedule the match to help out the team who could not make it, then a forfeit will be awarded to the team who could show. Rescheduling is a favor from one team to another and is not to be abused.

5.4.5 A match will start no later then 15 minutes after the agreed upon time.

5.5 The standard match is 3v3.

5.5.1 If a team only has 2 players available, then the match may be played out as a 2v2 or a 2v3 (same TBPV used for either match up). If an agreement on which can not be reached, the match will be played as 2v3. Incidents of being able to fly with only 2 players will be tracked. The 3rd instance of it in a season will result in a forfeit.

5.5.2 If only a single player for a team shows, than the match will be a forfeit.

5.6 After each game in a series is completed, a team may change out all or a portion of their players with other members of their Fleet

6. Game Settings

6.1 BPV – GamerZ’s Random Battle Generator (RBG) will be used to generate Total/Team BPV’s (TBPV) for a 3v3 (this number is shared by all the members of a team to purchase ships and extras).

6.1.1 This will be run 3 times at the start of each week by the Lead Admin to determine the TBPV for each of the 3 games. Any TBPV lower than 300 or higher than 600 will be thrown out.

6.1.2 The TBPV’s will be identified to be used for game 1, game 2 and game 3 and will be used in that order.

6.2 Era – all Divisional League matches will use Late Era

6.3 Maps – When the RBG is used to generate the TBPV, I will used the Map type listed, if it is Open or an Asteroid map. If it is any other map type, Open will be used.

6.3.1 What map type to use will be identified by Game 1, game 2, game 3 and must be used in that order

6.3.2 Map size will always be Medium

6.4 Game Speed Setting – to accommodate the possible Dial Up user, the default game speed will be 7. This may be altered by player agreement, however if no agreement can be reached, the default will be used.

6.5 Race – the race a team is affiliated with must be used for all League matches. The only exception is that a Fleet may identify a second race that they would like to be able to use.

6.5.1 The race that fleet is affiliated with will be consider the even odd race, and the second race the even race. On all Odd weeks, the odd race will be used. On all even weeks, the even race will be used. This will be continuously communicated on a weekly basis to make sure the Team and it’s opponents are current on what race will be flown.

7. Anti Cheats

7.1 EZ.ini:This is a REQUIRED feature. It should be active for ALL GZ matches. The ONLY exceptions will be SPECIFICALLY noted instances, and those will be by direction of an Admin.

7.1.1 Using EZ.ini, both Race and BPV should be hidden

7.2 Game Features: Gamer-Z will NOT seek to ban or prohibit any normal function of the game unless it creates an obvious overwhelming advantage for only a few players. To that end, all previously “Taboo” tactics are completely legal, as they are able to be equally used by all. A brief list follows. Note: the below practices ARE NOT prohibited. They are provided as examples of 'Taboo' tactics that are indeed legal. *edit as of 12/19

7.2.1 Use of Admin shuttles

7.2.2 Hit and Run on Sensors

7.2.3 Similar “In Game” callsigns Targeting Designator: If this tactic is employed to mask specific identity, each player must include an individual alpha-numeric designator at the END of their in-game name (i.e. MOK1, MOK2, CBA, CBB, etc). Non-alphanumeric characters are NOT acceptable (Punctuation marks or non-standard characters).

7.2.4 Other Features not previously listed: If the feature is commonly known, available to all, and NOT overwhelmingly advantageous to a minority, it is acceptable by GZ standards. If in doubt, contact a GZ Admin.

7.3 Volley info blocker is not permitted

7.4 Beaming Spare parts off planets is not permitted

7.5 It is recommended that all players use game films for all mathces

8. Connectivity and Ping

8.1 As this is a team based league, a computer and connection that can handle a 3v3 team is essential. Individual teams and players are responsible for their own equipment in terms of being able to effectively participate in a match.

9. After Launch

9.1 If a player disconnects during a match, and no opposing team member has closed within range 20, the game can be restarted. This can be done two times. On the third occurrence, the match will be played out or the team of the dropping player may forfeit. In order to curb disputes, a screen shot should be taken to verify the range of opponents at the point of drop.

9.1.1 When restarting, a new player from the fleet can be subbed in for the player with the problem connection

9.2 If the game crashes all users to desktop, that game will have to be considered void and restarted

9.2.1 When restarting, a new player from the fleet can be subbed in for the player with the problem connection

9.3 Screenshots and Player recordings are the only way to prove anything without an admin present.

9.4 Report/Confirm the game immediately after completion of the match. Failure to do so can result in suspension of the offending clan.

10. Cheating and Disputes

10.1 Cheating: This league has ZERO TOLERANCE for cheating. If a team is found to be cheating, the offending team will immediately be dismissed from the league. Cheating may include intentionally dropping, crashing games, or anything else that may interrupt fair play. Cheating accusations are taken very seriously. Do not accuse anyone of cheating unless there is proof. He said - she said accusations are not reason enough to investigate cheating. Penalty’s could possibly occur with false accusations.

10.2 Disputes: Teams must dispute a match within 24 hours of the SCHEDULED START TIME of the match. Failure to do so means the match can not be disputed. Be sure to zip all screenshots and player recordings into 1 file. E-mail all disputes to a league admin. Admins may ask a team or player to provide certain information to help decide the dispute. Admins have the final say in all disputes. Disputes are taken very seriously. Be sure to have good reason and proof before a dispute is sent.

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Re: Old GZ League Rules
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2005, 09:05:35 am »
old gz rules have already been posted at the Patrol Battle Rule Links sticky thread and added a rule update wich decided before this cycle begins according  5.5.1.This is what it comes to my mind there might be more where we should include them ....
If this is to become a seperate sticky make sure u will add this update and ill delete mine post.

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Re: Old GZ League Rules
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2005, 03:53:55 pm »
Thanks Jakle!
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