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« on: April 18, 2005, 09:40:15 pm »
I have tried to let this flamefest die down of its own accord.  I guess it wasn't meant to be.

At this point, there will be NO bannings, dismissals, suspensions, etc. for any league members, even though several of you have publicly and privately called for just such actions to occur. 

When the old GZ league moved over here, EVERYONE got a clean slate from our hosts.  So dredging up past issues will have no bearing on current events.  IS that clear enough?  NO BEARING. 

The Site Admins (Dallas among the most visible) are now monitoring the situation.  For all practical purposes, it is impossible to ban individuals in a fleet from participating in league matches, as pilots can simply fly under an assumed name.

Banning an entire fleet for the actions of a few ammounts to collective punishment, which I am very hesitant to do and the site Admins would frown upon.  Unless something goes nuclear in the near future, ISC is here to stay if they choose to. 

Everyone read that prior sentence again slowly to yourselves so we all understand.

Now, the issue at hand involves ISC's desire to resolve the match against SoV.  Win, lose, or forfeit, ISC would like to have a total of 10 matches in their win-loss columns.  Why?  At this point it does not matter. 

My ruling was to null and void the match, like it never occurred.  As you can all read the match scheduling thread, good faith efforts were made up to a point and then the flames began. 

My advice to the ISC fleet was to put the issue to a vote for the fleet reps, and in the event of a tie, an uninvolved third party would decide, since I am the devil incarnate in the minds of the ISC pilots.  I am incapable of an unbiased decision.  Whatever.  That is water under the bridge at this point.  I do not believe there are 3 fleets that would side with ISC on this issue, so a tie or winning vote is unlikely.

Prior to the ISC/SoV scheduling thread becoming a blast furnace, ISC had a decent chance at getting a resolution to their match from me.  If they had simply said '10 matches are important to us and we want a resolution' and kept it civil, I was inclined to set a firm schedule date WITH CONSEQUENCES.  That is important, since when I set a date for completing the regular season, I never explicitly said 'complete your matches or forfeit' which is what ISC has interpreted my statement to mean.  I'm sure you ISC guys are saying 'yeah..right.' 

That statement was meant for everyone else more than you.  Once the thread turned ugly, whatever consideration I would have given ISC was gone, and I simply wanted the match over, hence the 'null and void' ruling. 

I am not going to change my original ruling.  I wil not forfeit SoV or force them to fly the match.  The way this league is set up, the only body that can overrule me is a majority vote of fleet reps.  As I said above, that is unlikely, and has not been called for in any event.

The only recourse for the ISC fleet is to negotiate reopening the match wth SoV.  At this point, It's my guess that simply asking without addressing recent comments by your fleet members won't get you anywhere.                       

Going forward in this thread, I would only like an official rep from Sov and ISC to respond.  SoV, are you even willing to listen to offers to reopen this match under any circumstance? 

ISC, feel free to put forth an offer and whatever else you think may help to begin to mend the fences.  Preferably in public, if not via PM then.  Bad things have been said on both sides.  However, you are the ones that are not happy with the status quo, so the first attempts must come from you.     

Things have been said in the heat of a flame war that I consider inappropriate BY BOTH SIDES OF THIS ISSUE.  SLINGING MUD SERVES NO PURPOSE.  It all ends here and now.  I now have the ability to delete posts.  I will terminate with extreme predjudice any thread from this time forward that does not exhibit proper sportsmanship and/or a level of respect for the community.                   
That is all.
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