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« on: July 19, 2005, 02:37:51 pm »
ok, so Frey offered to have host a PBR site.  I don't necessarily think a PBR site is necessary (they already have a site - mine - and I can leave them up indefinitely).

However, if the Mini-Camp concept prooves popular enough to warrant it, I would think it would need better support than a forum. 

So, I wanted to throw out some design options and get input.

Firstly, I am not a website person.  I know how to convert Word docs or Excel sheets into HTML and then they can be uploaded, but I don't know crap about making them snazzy or pretty.  I would consider my self a content engineer, and if no one wants to make them pretty, then they'll go up ugly - but if someone wants to volunteer to make them pretty - so much the better.

Now, Economy of War would be the focal point, but there is room to try to come up with different types of Mini-Camps, maybe even with some continuity between them.

For Economy of War, it would need the following:
*Set up rules
*Economy of War specific rules - to include individual scenario rules
*victory calcualtion rules
*PBR rules (modified for the camp)

Where it gets busy is engineering it so that it is a ready resource for others to play:
* the camp can be played in 4 different 'eras'
* each race would need the following:
- OOB for each era
- ship substitution rules
- refit rules (what years these are available, how available, when mandatory, ect)

Nice to have:
Campaign specific installer

What else?

Keep in mind...only if it appears to have enough interest would I embark on this exercise.  i don't mean to jump the gun by talking about this now, but I am thinking about it.

Personally....I'd rather do this than continue on with Divisional PBR League play.

Think about it - you only need two teams to play, and you have the ready flexibility to bring in fill guys.
You're not locked into a cycle, and then trying to meet those commitments for a perios of 3, 4 ... 5 months.