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Sedition 2.0 GSA Edition Release!!
« on: December 18, 2005, 08:37:18 am »

Sedition 2.0 GSA Edition Release!!!
This is a Game Spy Arcade only release for Sedition Version 2.0
Fully loaded with 7 Races and close to 100 ships to choose from!
There are many new, "never before seen" models in this mod, a good
preview for Sedition 2.0 for Dynaverse 3... which will be ready in 1-2 months.
So Download and enjoy!!!

Download from:;4479825;;/fileinfo.html

Install instructions:
Fresh SFC3 install

This patch is for GSA only, and will not work in single player or dyna3 mode...
This patch is built off the 531 patch so critical hits will be minimized!

Here is the ship list
Ferengi/ISC Team 1

ISC Hope
ISC Ripper
ISC Zaiper
ISC Sinner
ISC Warrior
ISC Loyalty
ISC Massacre
ISC Defender
ISC Protector
ISC Dominator
ISC Devastator
ISC BB-4 Bat

Merchantman Frigate
Bronta Frigate
N'Gort LightCruiser
G'Nori LightCruiser
T'Korn HeavyCruiser
Goront Battlecruiser
D'Onke Battlecruiser
Ooron Dreadnaught
D'Kora Dreadnaught
Dorek Battleship
K'Arck Battleship
G'Nagus Super Battleship

Cardassian/Vulcan Team 2

Keldon Dreadnaught
Brinok Dreadnaught
Kulinor Battleship
Hutet Battleship
Hutes Super Battleship

Vulcan T-Ran Frigate
Vulcan T-RanMK2 Destroyer
Vulcan Min-Talsha Light Cruiser
Vulcan So-Nyr Light Cruiser
Vulcan SorMir Heavy Cruiser
Vulcan Sotek Heavy Cruiser
Vulcan S-Rok Battlecruiser
Vulcan T-Mir Battlecruiser
Vulcan K-tra Dreadnaught
Vulcan Mir-Res Dreadnaught
Vulcan Tor-Rol Battleship
Vulcan Vul-Tres Battleship
Vulcan AenNneaThhaei Super Battleship

Breen/Jem'Hadar Team 3

Breen Affray Class
Breen Hermit Class
Breen Solitaire class
Breen Phobic Class
Breen Phobos Class
Breen Recluse Class
Breen Anchorite Class
Breen Xenolith Class
Breen Xenomite Class
Breen Xenon Class
Breen Instinct Class
Breen Evolution Class

Jem'Hadar Loki
Jem'Hadar Hermes
Jem'Hadar Satis
Jem'Hadar Argo
Jem'Hadar Ankh
Jem'Hadar Cerberus
Jem'Hadar Attack Fighter
Jem'Hadar Knossos
Jem'Hadar Seth
Jem'Hadar Goliath
Jem'Hadar Scarab
Jem'Hadar Typhon

Species 8472 Team 4
Species 8472

8472 Wing Defender
Scout8472 Lightcruiser
8472 Sting Ray Cruiser
Species8472 Behemoth
8472 Black Manta
Defender8472 HeavyBattlecruiser
8472 Wasp HeavyBattlecruiser
Destroyer8472 Dreadnaught
8472_Queen Behemoth
Magma8472 Magma Dreadnaught
RogBattleship8472 Battleship
Species8472 BioShip Battleship
Species8472 Super Battleship