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Island Wars Dynaverse 3 Campaign opens this week!
« on: March 28, 2006, 09:23:17 pm »
The next massive modded campaign for Starfleet Command 3's Dynaverse is due to launch this friday the 28th.

Island Wars is one of the old time mods based originally on Pelicans infamous "Dominion Wars" mod.  Island Wars itself has chaged a lot since then.  The latest incarnation of Island Wars is tagged "revolution 1.1".  It will run on the Beta 531 patch which is downloadable from the STG Download Database at

The rules are is the basics...

Rules will be OA + 2 (this means you MUST have a base or planet within 2 hexes) to attack a hex, a base, player or ai (safely) for rules on attacking a planet see below.
EXCEPTION DEEP STRIKES are allowed on Bases, AI, PvP or running Missions but NOT PLANETS OR BASES ON PLANETS.

IF you are attacked (right then and there) out of OA then you MUST except the battle and it will be a deathmatch (fight to the death) if the attacker is out of OA it is a deathmatch for them too.
If you are out numbered, oh well you should have stayed in OA.

If for some reason you are unable to load you must redo the deathmatch.

Ferengi is a Ďfreeí zone you are not required to do a death match if caught in Ferengi space but it can NOT be used as OA only bases and planets grant OA

So you may feel free to leave OA to do deepstrikes hit bases and run missions or attack ai and players if you have the pvp skills, or if you can run like hell.

There is ONE exception to this rule you can NOT hit a planet unless you have OA or a Base that sits on a planet.
i.e. you can NOT take a home world or planet VC or any other planet or base on that planet without having a base or planet within 2 hexes of the planet you are going to take. This includes bases that sit on planets.

Also you can not attack a home world unless ALL of that races hexes are taken.

The map will end and points will be calculated in two weeks time or if a home world is taken, a home world is worth 500.

Planet and base assaults; no more than 5 can enter try more and it will lock things up. I donít care who or what you take in just be honorable and donít TRY to lock a base or planet. Locked bases and planets may still be used for OA. If I get too many complaints Iíll deal with you in whatever mood you found me in.

Island Wars rule set is following the KISS protocol "Keep It Simple Stupid".

Races are Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Dominion.  X and her team of modders and scripting junkies have worked tirelessly to remake Island Wars from the ground up.  The head campaign admins for IW Revolution are Admins are X & Victor 1st
Back up Admins: Ashaman & F9th Dawg.

For more information visit the Puterz SFC Board at fleets are more than welcome!

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