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Litter Box 5.1 To Kick Off Friday May 5th!!!
« on: May 03, 2006, 11:42:23 pm »
Welcome to the New LitterBox 5!  KOTH Fluf was kind enough to let the Chaotic Network/S31-IKS modding team to continue on where he left off.

Special Thanks to the Original creators: KOTH Fluf, The Battlezone Team, Battleclinic and  It was a team effort by all.

LB5 will be kicking off May 5th @ 4pm EST, all are invited. [/color][/font]

Registration will kick off Monday, so get your seat early!

Changes to Litter Box 5 since the last camp:

Shield Strengths lessened
Armor Strenghts lessened
Ship Speeds increased

That is it!

Races are as follows




This will be a 3 Race map, Admins will have use of the 4th Race, and no you can't kill them... Admins are everyones friend! :)

I'll be posting the rules later this weekend.... Learn Them, Live Them and Love Them! 

Download/Install Information:

Fresh Sfc3 install
531 patch -->
LitterBox5 patch here-->
LB5.1 patch here-->

Fun/Final Test Server is UP!!!!

So Come and Join the fun!!!

Litter Box 5.1 Campaign Rules

Movement:  OA+2 no exceptions.  There is no scouting.

Base/Planet Attacks:  Max 5 attackers  Max 1 Defender can attempt to load.  All it will take will be 1 Defender to ward off and attack

PVP on Base/Planet:  Not Allowed

PVP Rules:  "IN" rule, you cannot attack or move toward a player unless they declair "IN".  Going to Red alert also Constitutes being "IN". Engaging in any movement also Constitutes "IN".  There is not "OUT" rule, if you do not want to engage someone after loading, it is up to you to get out, if you can.

Home World Hexes:  You cannot attack the home world cluster until all of the other enemy hexes are taken, then you must take the surounding hexes before actually attacking the home world hex.
Home World Hexes consists of the Home World and the Hexes touching it.  These Hexes "clusters" will be posted in each race forum before the start of the campaign.

Carrier Rule aka the "Casca Rule":  Each Race has 2-3 Carriers, because the fighters are not too powerful, there will be no restrictions as to there use or numbers "Unless" the opposing player declairs lag within the first minute of combat and before they are at half hull.

             FF =  5
            DD = 10
             CL = 15
             CA = 20
            BCH= 25
Carriers/DN = 30
             BB = 40

Add/subtract 5 per ship class difference.  If a DN kills a CA then you are awarded 20 minus 10 for a total of 10 for over kill.  If a BCH takes out a BB they would be awarded 40 plus 10 for over achievement. If it is a 2V1 and (2being the victors) total kill points will be divided by 2.  3v1, divided by 3. If you are in a 1V2 and you take out 1 of the 2 opponents the total Kill points will be doubled, If in a 1V2 you take out both opponents, multiply by 4 etc... in a 1v2 there is no ship class differential.
You will always get atleast 5 for a victory, and you will never get a negative. Base and Planet Defenses are the exception to the rule, straight points for Kills on either the defender or aggressors side.
All Carriers regardless of there stated ship class will be treated as DN's
If you do not understand the point system, then do not engage in PVP!  Let the Admins do the math!

Alt F4... not allowed... if your ship is in the red/1/4 hull and you drop... double kill points will be awarded to the other team, straight points with no adjustments for ship class.

The campaign is a PVP/Economic victory condition.

PVP points will be added to the Economy points for each team.

There will be VC conditions posted for each team in there race forums and will have point values added to the economy points if held at the end of the map.

The team with the most points wins.

Each Race will have a RL and a ARL

There are no offical pacts between races.

RL's and ARL's are free to settle disputes on the map when no Admins are present.

With out proof ie.. screenshots, no ruling will be considered with disputes. You are considered innocent until proven guilty.  Accusations of cheating in open game chat or open forums may get you the following door prizes... point deduction for your team, points added the the victoms team (hate to help the enemy because you can't keep it quiet).  If it gets out of hand I will shut down the ingame chat for a period of time deemed necessary.

Exploiting known bugs or "issues" with the game will get your team fines, and possible expulsion.

Everyone will get One Warning, if caught a second time breaking the same rule... good bye, see you next camp.

The Head Admin will be an observer only and sitting in the 4th race slot... no you can't kill the Admin as they are Allied with all 3 teams :)

Admins have the final say, NO BS... BS=Point Deduction and possibly Removal from the server.

I will not ask anyone to SD... but the fines will make you wish you had!

The campaign will end when one race is taken off the map (no hexes left) or May 20th @ Midnight EST (that is Saturday Night!)