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Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« on: October 26, 2006, 04:02:20 pm »
Yup... after on and off searching I finally found my old Gorn stories on the remnants of the 2002 EZBoard for Canadian Bacon (old gorn fleet of mine after Guardians Errant)

Hope you enjoy the series.


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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2006, 04:03:19 pm »
Gorn Episode 1 - Raven

Raven (a name this Federation observer assigned to the Commander of the G-BCH designated as "Stegasaurus" in the Federation ship database due to the fact his given name seems to have at least 35-40 consonants most of which are "s") entered the bridge and relieved his first officer Nitengale (don't even ask about with her name) of her watch duty. Raven was rather small for a Gorn. He was only slightly taller than 2 meters and just over 160 Kilograms. He was also very reserved for the species. He was considered an excellent strategist and was known for his ability to "get in the head" of the opposing captain. He seemed to have learned our language early in his life and love addressing me in it so that there was no need for the Universal Translator.
"Good Morningssss Commanderssss Sssssssatherssssswaitsss!"

"Good Morning, Raven!" I replied, trying not to smile at the unfortunate spelling of my last name. As he passed I noticed his multi-colored chest was even more dazziling today.
He noticed my glance and answered my unspoken question, "Jussssssst Ssssssssssshed." His large eyes focused on the tactical display and his expression (such as they are in the Gorn) changed.

"First Officer! What is the contact in A,39?" the UT told me as he had now switched back to the Gorn language.

"Unknown, Captain, it just came on sensors just before you came on deck. I was about to report it too you..." Nitengale replied as Raven interrupted her.

"It is too fast to be a natural occurence. Navigator, intercept course, yellow alert."

He then sat in the captains chair, his tail gliding through the opening in the back with out any conscience effort on his behalf. The bridge was now a whir of action. The Gorn while slower in appearance than humans move quite quickly on their bridge. This is probably due to the fact they keep them a rather balmy (to humans) thirty-seven degrees.

"Your Federatsssssion's new tactical informatssssionsss ssssssseemsssssss to be coming in handy, Commandersssssss"

As a match in the database flickered in the lower left of the main display.

"Romulan KHK class Heavy Battle Cruiser," Raven read aloud, "One Plasma type R, two type S and two type F." "It seems to be on Patrol near that asteroid field. Navigator, take us to the far side of that asteroid field. Tactical, Red alert"

The bridge now went from yellow to red in color. Raven pulled up the Confederation's files on KHK engagements on the Romulan border. His eyes scanned quickly through the logs and he slowly flicked his tongue side to side. This action, I have learned, is one that he seems to do whenever he is planning on taking his vessel into to combat. This time there was a new twist, he seemed to be slipping his tongue between his sharp and jagged teeth, almost like playing "tiddly-winks". I became entranced as the tongue flicked and never once caught it self on the razor sharp teeth. I was brought out of my reverie by the words of the navigator,
"Entering asteroid field , sir, slowing attack speeds."

"Charge a sensor decoy and 4 'surprise shuttles' for our Romulan friends."

I grinned at this last comment as I found that Raven has taken to calling an admin shuttle loaded with a space mine, a "surprise shuttle" as the Gorn heavy cruiser is capable of launch almost it's entire shuttle compliment simultaneosly.
He then monitored the progress of his weapons arming. The Gorn BCH was built with one purpose in mind, the destruction of Romulan vessels. It carried 3 S-type plasma torpedo's and 2 F-type all of which had amazing 180 degree firing arcs due to the Gorn innovation of the swivel mount torpedo launcher.
Nitengale then announced from the science position she was now 'manning', "They have spotted us Captain, they are moving to intercept and powering up their weapons."
Raven replied, "Launch a probe and log any changes in the tactical database." He then continued, "Then load an attack probe in the tube." "Tactical, Target on mainscreen."
I now got my first real vision of a Romulan KHK. It was a thing of beauty. A ship that looked as sleek and fast as the BCH looked blocky and lumbering. For the first time since I started my assignment with the Gorn I felt fear. This ship seemed more than a match for the BCH. As the probes data was overlayed on the tactical display I saw to my horror that this ship carried the dreaded long range R-style torpedo. As well as many phasors.

"First Officer, please inform the boarding parties to prepare for an assualt on the Romulan ship."

It did not escape my attention that Nitengale was being asked to tell the second highest ranking female officer on board, the commander of the marines, to prepare for a VERY dangerous mission. However, if you are not familiar with the female of the Gorn species you would find this odd. Once you have met the "fairer" sex you will never worry about their ability to defend themselves. Nitengale, was a good 80 centimeters taller than Raven and nearly a full 100 kilos heavier. I had personally witnessed one of her workouts in which she "accidentally" broke a 10 centimeter thich piece of tritanium with her scaly hand. She was considered average physically in terms of the females of her race. The marine commander was a good 20% larger!

As we now closed with the Romulan ship the ship communications officer received and broadcast the following message to the bridge crew, "Gorn commander, This asteroid field is now the property of the Romulan Republic. You are advised to leave the area at once or face destruction!"
Raven smiled (I think) as he spoke his reply to the Romulan commander. Much to the surprise of the opposing bridge they would need no Translator as he spoke his reply in the Romulan tongue. My translator shifted quickly and I heard, "Romulan Captain, no claim to this field is recognized by the Gorn Confederation. Failure to leave this area will only make your wife a widow!"

The Romulan commander closed the channel before he had a chance to hear one of the most unnerving sounds in the know galaxy, Gorn laughter.

The Romulan ship accelerated and approached at an oblique angle. While Raven told the navigator to bring us along side. He then told the tactical officer to prepare an alpha strike on the Romulan ship. The tactical officer replied that all was ready. As we came along side the Romulan she was slowly gaining a lead as she was able to travel faster while holding her massive load of weapons.
Raven then bellowed "FIRE!" and the Tactical officer hesitated, "Sir, at this range the Romulan will be able to out run most of our torpedoes!"
Raven merely looked back and repeated in an even tone, "Fire."
The Tactical officer fired and the ship lurched. As the phasers cut into the shields of the Romulan ship, and the torpedoes made their approach. Then to my dismay I saw the Torpedoes begin to lose their cohesion. Slowly they dissapated to mere shadows of themselves and impacted lightly on the rear shield of the Romulan ship.
"Sir, the Romulans are performing a high energy turn on a direct intercept course," Nitengale informed our Captain.
Without even acknowledging here he told the navigator to slow and reinforce the forward shields. He also informed the marines to step on to the transporter pads and they would be informed of their targets.
I felt the urge to point out that no ammount of reinforcement would stand up to the huge amount of plasma we were about to eat.
Just as I opened my mouth I saw the sickening sight of glowing red, orange and green plasma making its way toward our ship. I also noticed that the astute romulan had probed us to make sure the plasma we fired was real. It was, and we appeared doomed... as the phasers lept out of the Romulan ship our forward shield was severely weakened.
Raven watched the incoming plasma for a moment and then commanded, "Emergency stop, Release ALL shuttles!"
I had forgotten about the shuttles! soon the shipped lurched to a sudden stop. The Romulan commander had to be surprised as all his plasma chased after the tiny decoy shuttle. As he sped just meters above our hull I fely the ship shake by 4 closely spaced explosions.
I looked on our damage display and saw nothing. I then looked at the Romulan ship and saw that all four "Surprises" had impacted on the front of the ship and that as she passed she had taken significant damage.
Then no sooner than she had passed I heard Raven command, "Fire rear phasers and attack probe, marines away on the dropping of their shields."
With this new attack the weakend rear shield of the Romulan gave way and our marines transported to the romulan ship.
Within in seconds I heard the Nitengales voice, "Marines succesful, Sir, R torpedo, and both S-types are destroyed."

"One hundred-eighty degree high energy turn. Now!" Raven commanded.

Now if you have never been on a ship during a high energy turn you are blessed. If you have not been so lucky you can be grateful that it was not on a G-BCH! I felt this behemoth lurch and then my stomach proceeded to make its way to my liver. We soon had snapped about and were facing the now much slower Romulan ship.
Raven then ordered another alpha strike as we slowly made our way towards the Romulan ship. The newly energized phasers now cut into the exposed rear hull of the KillerHawk. I saw multiple explosions on the ship and plasma vented from various spots on her hull.
As we closed we grabbed her with a tractor beam as Raven waited for the plasma torpedoes to charge. As he did the crippled Romulan turned towards us.
Just before the teactical display showed that the only plasma torpedoes the Romulan had left, the F-type, were readied, Raven ordered another firing of the 3 S-type torpedoes.
Our ship was shaken by a huge explosion. Before my eyes I saw the once majestic looking ship fly apart into the void of space.
The bridge crew began to cheer.

"Report!" Raven interrupted them.

"No internal damage sir, but all marine teams were lost." Nitengale informed him in a somewhat wistful tone.

The bridge fell silent as they realized that the victory had not come without a price.
Slowly Raven rose from his chair. "You have the conn." He informed Nitengale.

As he walked passed me he spoke low and in my language so his crew would not hear.

"I am very ssssssssssick of this war, Commandersssss. I wisssssshhh to go back to my sssssssstudiessssss."

It was at this moment that I realized that this military genius was no brutish lizard. In fact, I doubt I have ever met someone so, "Human" in all my life.

I watched, as he made his way towards the turbolift. Upon reaching the door he turned, saluted Nitengale, and stepped in to the lift. I then saw Nitengale move forward and stand next to the Captain's chair. She did not sit in it though. While large enough, she realized it didn't quite "fit".

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2006, 04:05:14 pm »
Gorn Episode 2 - First Contact
Observer’s Log
Commander Satherswait
United Federation of Planets

First Contact.

I arrived on the bridge soon after I heard the klaxon that signaled that the G-BCH
“Stegasaurus” had just gone to yellow alert. My first thought was that we had run into a
Romulan on patrol. As I entered the bridge I saw “Nitengale” assuming the Tactical
position to the left of the “Raven” the Captain of the Stegasaurus.

“Launch a Probe.” Raven commanded.

I watch as the dull red probe sped towards a ship almost a million kilometers away. As
the probe neared the unknown ship, the bridge fell eerily silent. The data flashed up in
the lower-left corner of the main view screen. The ship design was unknown to me. The
aliens used an anti-matter reactor similar to Federation technology. It appeared to have
Phasers and Plasma Torpedoes. But it certainly wasn’t a Romulan ship.

“Science officer, is that a Mauler?” Raven questioned the brownish Gorn to his right.

“No, sir, definitely not a mauler, unknown energy weapon.” He replied.

I was arrested from my study by the communications officer who announced from the back of the bridge, “They are hailing us, Captain.”

“On screen”

Appearing before us was a bipedal humanoid creature that looked distinctly “green and
wet” The bridge of their ship was visibly humid.

“Greetings from the Interstellar Concordium, Gorn Captain, I am Captain Salmaen. We
are on a peaceful mission of exploration in this sector.” The Captain spoke very
confidently and seemed almost regal in appearance.

It appeared that this captain shared the Federation’s goal of peaceful exploration.

“Raven replied, “Greetings Captain, I am Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss” of the
Gorn confederation. Please be advised that this is the outer-edge of the Confederation’s
space. “

As he was speaking a bright light moved towards us. Raven quickly glanced towards
Nitengale at tactical and she merely stated, “Probe.”

Raven smiled (I think) and mentioned that it was only fair to let them have a look at our
ship too.

The Interstellar Concordium captain, was obviously looking over the data that probe was
now displaying on his viewscreen.

He then looked up and said, “Gorn captain, I have orders to discuss the Concordium’s
wishes of resolution of your endless war with the Romulan’s .”

“I see,” replied Raven, “please wait while I relay this information to my the
Confederation’s high command.” He then glanced back to the communications officer
and said, “Channel closed”

Raven now motioned for me to come closer to him. He spoke low, “I find it slightly
disconcerting that they not only know of us, but of the Romulans and our struggle.”

I too found this intriguing. Could it be that this “Concordium” had been watching and
studying the affairs of the Gorn and Romulans without their knowledge?

He then commanded the communications officer to relay the contact info to the nearest

He then looked at me and said rather dully, “I suppose we should hear them out.”

“Channel open”

“Captain Salmaen, we welcome the chance to open diplomatic relations with your people,
and request that we meet in person to discuss your Concordium’s wishes.” Raven now
stood at full attention and continued, “May I suggest a meeting on board your ship?”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Nitengales’ reaction and it was one that even I
could recognize as concern. She looked as if she might speak then she stopped herself,
and waited on the other captains reply.

Salmaen now smiled a very thin-lipped smile and replied, “Excellent, Captain! We
welcome the chance to host you aboard our ship.” He continued, “We do ask, however,
that you bring a minimal staff and no weapons. We are a peaceful race and wish to keep
things as simple as possible.”

I heard Nitengale’s tail klunk against a bulkhead as she swiveled to look at the Captain.

Raven replied, “Of course, Captain, I will come alone, and we may talk in person.”

“Channel closed, helm move us into transporter range of their ship.”

No sooner did the channel close than Nitengale addressed Raven, “Captain, I must advise against such a meeting.” She continued, “We know nothing of this Concordium, and their intentions. If you must meet, you should at least take a full security compliment.”

Raven turned to face Nitengale, “I appreciate your assessment First Officer, but I don’t wish to take a group of unarmed marines to my diplomatic meeting.” He continued, “If their intent is to betray our trust then it is better to lose a single life. Besides, they have voiced peaceful intentions, and I do not wish to pass up the chance to make a new friend in the galaxy.”

Without waiting for a reply he turned to face the viewscreen, “Helm ETA to reach their ship?”

“Three Minutes at present speed, sir.”

“Very well”

Nitengale watched intently as he moved towards the turbolift. You could see that she wished to protest further, but also realized the futility of such an outburst.

As he reached the lift doors her turned back to Nitengale, and stated, “First Officer, you have the bridge.” He then added, “I am certain that you can handle anything that may arise, if anything should go wrong I can think of no one in the confederation I would rather have at the helm of my ship!”

Nitengale’s demeanor visibly softened as she replied, “Thank you Captain, please be careful.”

Raven nodded and moved in to the lift. As he did Nitengale moved down to the command chair and stood beside it. She then looked at me and said, “He isssss a very brave, ssssssssoul, Commandersssssssss.”

I looked up in surprise to her my language come from her mouth. I had not realized she knew our language.

“I only hopesssss hissssss judgement isssss better than minessss.”

“I have a badsss sfeeling about thisssssssss!”

She then turned back and spoke to the crew, “I want a full detachment of marines on the transporter pad ready to retrieve the Captain should anything go wrong.”

She then looked to her right and said, “I want as much information about that ship as possible… Inside and out!”

She then turned her eyes back to the view screen and watched it, and waited.

After about an hour the tactical officer spoke to Nitengale, “First Officer, the Concordium’s ship just raised its shields and has begun to charge its weapons.”

“Red Alert!” Nitengale cried out as I leapt up away from the read-out that I had been studying that analyzed the unknown centrally located energy weapon. I noticed that Nitengale was still standing just as she was an hour ago, next to the chair.

“Science high-energy scan, find our captain NOW!” She then flick on the ships communicator and commanded, “Transporter chief as soon as we find the captain I want those marines on that ship and getting him back off.”

The communications officer now announced, “They are hailing us.”

“On Screen”

Salmaen appeared again spoke quickly, “Your, captain has been taken into custody for war crimes. He will be tried by the Interstellar Concordium, and if found guilty will serve his sentence in our care.” He then glanced to his left and continued, “If you leave this system now, you will not be harmed. However, if you barbarians insist on violence you will be pacified.”

Nitengale voice had become as steely and cold, “Salmaen, if do not release our captain at once I reduce your ship to scrap.” She now stared unblinkingly at him, “This is an act of war! Taking an unarmed diplomat hostage is the lowest form of trickery.”

“Very well, Barbarian, have it your way.”

His image was replaced by the view of his ship beginning to pull away.

“Weapons Status?” Nitengale inquired.

“Phasers charging, ready in 10 seconds, Plasma torpedoes in 90 seconds.” Came the reply.

“Helm stay in transporter range.” She looked up, “Tactical, begin charging a tractor.”

Suddenly the bridge lurched as the Concordium’s ship fired all its rear firing Phasers.

“Report!” cried Nitengale

The tactical officer replied, “Forward shield holding at half strength.”

“Return fire,” she commanded.

I watched as the phaser’s lanced out toward the ship. It impacted against their rear shields and the ship slowly pulled away from us.

“We have dropped the enemy’s rear shield, First Officer.” The tactical officer reported.

“Marines Away!” Nitengale commanded.

“The Marines have been transported as close to the holding area as I could safely get them, First Officer.” The report came from the transporter chief.

The science officer then offered, “It appears they have the captain in their Brig near their main deflector array and forward shuttle bay.”

The Helm officer interrupted, “Capta… err First Officer, they are pulling away, we don’t have enough power to stay with them and charge our weapons.”

Nitengale stiffened, she then growled to the tactical officer, “turn off the tractor beam and continue loading the torpedoes.”

“Helm, best speed.”

I watched as the Cruiser pulled away from us. I began to feel a certain duality about the situation. If the Concordium merely disengaged we would be safe. However, this would mean that Raven, who I had come to value as a great friend would surely be lost. My feelings soon solidified as I realized the treachery of this Concordium. I wanted the fight! Live or Die, I wanted the fight!

My wish was soon answered as the tactical officer yelled out, “They are slowing… High Energy tur…” His voice was cut off by the view of a two small beams of yellow light shooting out from the ship that had now turned a quick one-hundred and eighty degrees.

At first I thought they had missed then I felt pulses rock the ship.

“Science officer, what is that?” Nitengale yelled out between the shudderings of the ship.

“It appears to be some kind of plasma wave, still analyzing.”

The tactical officer then cut in, “First Officer, our forward shield has collapsed and it appears our port and starboard shields have taken some damage as well.”

“Fire plasma torpedoes three and four, all phasers.” Our ship lurched slightly as two glowing red spheres of plasma streaked towards our foe. The phasers cut into their forward shield as they began to turn away.

As they turned away the plasma landed on their port side and dropped the shield. As we turned towards them more a plasma torpedo and a peppering of phasers were fired at us.

The phasers impacted on the forward hull and the bridge shook once again. The Tactical officer screamed out as an overload caused tactical station to explode.

Nitengale then looked at me and commanded “Commander, transfer tactical to your station now!’ I swiveled away from view screen, and looked at the panel before me. It was one thing to pull up records, but now I had to run the ships weapons?

“Hard to starboard, Helm. Tactical, load tube three and four as an “F” type Torpedo.”

As the ship turned away from the oncoming plasma I scanned the panel. Luckily it was very similar to the Federation design and I started the loading sequence. The “F” torpedoes while shorter ranged can be loaded in two-thirds the time when made in one of the “S” type launchers.

I felt the ship lurch again as the “S” torpedo from the Concordium’s ship impacted.

“Port shield nearing collapse, minor internal damage,” I shouted out. Thank heavens for Starfleet training.

“Once the weapons have charged, full speed intercept course, helm,” Nitengale now commanded.

As I looked at the display and saw our nearly non-existent forward shield, I silently hoped these Gorn ships were as tough as they looked.

AS we turn to the Concordium ship turned back towards us and the plasma, pulsing, weapon once again shot out towards us. It struck our rear shield and began shaking us.

“Rear shield, at ten-percent, weapons now fully charged.” I reported.

“Best speed, intercept. Science find our captain and get the transporter chief ready to get him.”

“Tactical, ready for an alpha strike on my command.”

As we closed on the vessel it slowed slightly and fired its phasers in to our forward shield. It collapsed and the ship shuddered. I looked at the damage display and to my amazement there was no critical damage to any of our major systems.

We now closed quickly on our target.

“Fire!” Nitengale yelled out.

I launched everything we had at the Cruiser in front of us. The phasers cut into the rear hull and then the Concordium’s ship shook violently. I looked at the sensors and saw that her power had dropped to nearly nothing and she looked dead in space. It then dawned on me, “Structural, Failure on enemy ship! She attempted another high-energy turn and it looks like almost all syst…” My stomach then sank as I watched all five torpedoes, 2 “S” types and 3 “F” types slam into the rear of the foe’s ship. She began to break up. I watched as she lost containment and exploded in front of us.

The bridge fell silent.

The silence was broken by Nitengale’s voice, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

I began to feel sick. I had just killed my friend!

The science officer then yelled out, “First Officer, Admin shuttle off port bow, Their officers are trying to escape.”

I felt the need for vengeance I wanted to watch that shuttle explode. These Interstellar Concordium Bastards didn’t deserve to live. As I waited for the command to fire I looked over to Nitengale. She was leaning against the chair and it appeared that her arm was holding most of her immense frame.

She then quietly spoke looking almost through me, “Tactical officer, tractor the shuttle in to the shuttle bay and have security detain the prisoners for my interrogation.”

I wanted to scream at her, how could she let these scum live? They had broken every convention of fair play when the held our unarmed captain! Now she was going to hold them in comfy detention cells? For a brief moment I considering disobeying orders and firing. I could claim that I mistook the Gorn fire button for the tractor. Again my training came back to me, and I realized it was not my decision. She was the Captain of this ship now.

I tractored the shuttle and brought it into the shuttle bay. It appeared to be quite heavily damaged, barely enough power for life support. I thought of how slowly and painfully they would have died had we not rescued them, freezing to death in outer space.

“Status?” Nitengale inquired.

“Shuttle secured, Damage teams are working repairs, minor outer hull breaches, medical reports minor injuries no crew lost.” I then fell silent as I realized what I had just said. I was an idiot. Not only had we lost the marines who went to save their valiant captain, but we had lost the captain as well.

Behind me I heard the turbolift doors open. As I turned I heard…

“Report, First Officer!”

Standing in the turbolift was a badly bruised Raven. He was bleeding from above hi eye and it appeared that his tail was broken.

“Captain!” Nitengale shouted in surprise.

“The marines you sent did an excellent job.” He then continued, “We managed to fight our way out of detention and to the shuttle bay.”

He rubbed at his brow, “I will admit it was a bit of a bumpy ride, we got out just as the ship integrity was breached by its attempted turn.”

“Of course,” He now smiled, “You are lucky it did, I don’t know if my ship could have taken what those frogs were about to giver her!”

“Until I return from medical, you have the bridge.” He then looked over his shoulder as he moved back towards the lift, “Think you can handle it, First Officer?”

“Yes, sir!” She replied.

As I turned back to nitengale I saw her move in front of the captain’s chair. She then sat down, and began to enter the recent events in to the ships log.

The chair fit her nicely.

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
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Gorn Episode 3 - Team Player
Team Player

Observer's Log
Commander Satherswait
United Federation of Planets

It has been three months since the incident with the Interstellar Concordium. It seems the ISC has decided to be less aggressive in dealing with the Gorn and have turned their attentions to the Romulans. The Gorn Confederation has now sent the “Stegasaurus” on a mission that will take me home. We are traveling with an envoy from the Confederation to Starfleet Command Headquarters at San Francisco, Earth. The envoy will be discussing the new situation with the ISC, and what implications this will have on the General War.

We should be rendezvousing with the Battle Cruiser “Gettysburg”. This ship is one of the retrofitted BCF class ships that mounts Gorn technology as well as top of the line Federation weaponry. Her captain is Elizabeth Wolfe. Wolfe has moved quickly through the ranks due to her amazing tactical skill. In these dark days of war, she has been a shining light, saving many lives on both the Klingon and Romulan fronts.

I was called up to the bridge as we have just been hailed by the “Gettysburg”. “Raven” , someday I will have to find a way to shorten his true name, and I are sharing the lift to the Bridge.

“Goodsssss morning Comanderssssssss.”

I smile and reply to my large friend.

“I amsss looking forssward to meetingssss your comradesssss.”

“Yes, I am looking forward to it as well,” I replied, “And I think it is good for you to see some of Starfleet’s finest officers.

Raven looks down at me and meets my eyes, “Well friendssss, if the Creator madessssss them from the ssssssssame mold asssssssss you, we are lucky tosssss have sssssssssssuch alliesssssssss!”

I am struck by this statement. The Gorn rarely compliment anyone in such a manner. I realize that I am much more than just an observer on this ship. I have been accepted into the family that this crew has formed.

The lift stops and we make our way on to the bridge. I am struck , as always, by how hot and humid it is. The bridge is normally kept several degrees warmer than the rest of the ship. I have found the Gorn like to keep the ship quite warm by human standards, but this is mainly to increase their efficiency.

“First Officer, report.” My translator kicks in as Raven has now switched back to his native tongue.

“We will be meeting up with the Gettysssssssburg in a few minutes captain. Captain Wolfe is waiting on the comm. channel three.” Nitengale reports with out missing a beat.

The first officer has risen from the captain’s chair and made her way back to the tactical station.

“Open Channel”

The viewscreen shows the bridge of the Gettysburg, I must admit, it is nice to see a Federation starship again. I am also quick to notice the how much younger captain Wolfe is than I expected. While checking her records over after being assigned this mission, I noticed that she was only thirty-four (quite young for a Starfleet captain), I had not expected her to appear to be in her mid twenties.

“Greetings Captain Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss, and welcome to Federation Space.”

I nearly fall out of my chair as this woman has appeared to master the name I have worked on pronouncing for nearly a year now.

Raven replies, “Greetingsssss, Captainsssss Wolfe, wordsss of your honor and ssssssssskill prossssssceed yousssssss.”

I am forced to smile as I can’t help but think that Raven wants to make sure that his counterpart realizes that she is not the only one who can speak the others language.

Captain Wolfe replies, “You are far to kind, Captain.”

She then continues, “I hope your journey thus far has been a good one, and if there are no objections I recommend we continue on towards Earth.”

“Exsssssssssscelentsssss!” Raven replies.

With that the view screen returns to the view of the Gettysburg. She is a beautiful ship, she turns and begins to move away from us.

“Helm, match her speed and heading.” Raven commands.

And so my journey home has begun.

I am jolted awake by the sound of my communicator in my quarters. With out turning on a light I fumble and flip the speaker on.

“Commander, the Captain would like you to report to the bridge as soon as possible.” The voice sounds slightly agitated.

“I will be right there.” I reply, as I turn on the light, and make my way towards my uniform.”

A few minutes later I have arrived on the bridge I see we are still with the Gettysburg, but from the sound of the reactor and engines we are moving much faster than when I went to sleep.

Raven see the bewildered look on my face and begins to help me understand what is going on.

“We have received word from the Captain of the Gettysburg that there has been a new development in their war with the Klingons.”

He then looks at Nitengale, “Tactical on main viewer”

I now see the surrounding sectors with their stars and planets as well as the various federation outposts on the view screen.

Raven then continues, “It seems the Klingons have made a bold move in this area and have managed to punch through the 3rd fleets border patrols, and have destroyed three Federation out posts.”

I now focus my attention on the red icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

“In the last engagement the 3rd fleet managed to destroy the escorts for this ship, the “Korgath”, she is a Dreadnaught. In the process the 3rd fleet lost three of its cruisers and its command ship is crippled. Starfleet has asked Captain Wolfe to finish off the Korgath before it can retreat back to the safety of Klingon space.”

I can now see that we are the only ships in range to attempt the intercept.

“The Federation has asked us to help?” I look at the tense crews faces knowing that none of them have ever faced the Klingons in battle before.

“No, Commander, both Starfleet and the Confederation have told me to continue on with our envoy to Earth. However, I have requested the tactical specifications on the C10K designation, and it is plain to me that Federation ship would be greatly outclassed. It is my opinion that with our help the Gettysburg has a chance, but that with out us it would be a nearly impossible task.”

He then look directly at me, “What I wish to ask of you is to brief our first officer in tactics used to fight the Klingons. I am hoping that between the two of you we can manage to be of some help to our allies.”

Then he added, “While I know we have no experience fighting the Klingons, I am nearly certain that the Klingon Captain will not have fought the Confederation.”

Somehow, that piece of logic seemed to make enough sense for me to reply, “I will help in anyway possible, sir.”

I soon found myself standing next to Nitengale at the tactical station looking over the specifications of the Korgath. The C10K class ship was a monster, but I was also aware of the cost of this information. The specifications we were looking at were the last transmission sent by the USS Lexington before she was destroyed by the Dreadnaught. I looked at the numbers, and realized this thing had as many weapons systems as a some starbases! While she had plenty of phasers and disruptors, my big concern was the eight missile racks. The Gorn easily deal with the tactics involved in fighting a ship with many phasers, and the disruptors could be treated in much the same way. The Gorn however have no real experience with races that use missiles. I knew that if they carried the Mark IV missiles with the fast propulsion system, we would be facing a ship that could fire a the equivalent of 8 Plasma F torpedoes that don’t wear out. To be successful we would have to uses the combined fire power of the Gettysburg and the Stegasaurus to keep the missiles at bay, while trying to get in close enough to make use of the short-ranged photons and plasma that we had at our disposal.

It seemed like we had just begun to discuss when I heard the red alert klaxon sound. I looked up to see the Gettysburg slowing some and from our tactical display I could see that their shields were up and weapons were arming as well. We had an open data channel that was relaying our systems to them.

Raven glanced over towards the science station and ordered, “Launch a probe and lets find out what we are facing.”

Soon a pink light was streaking towards the vessel I could barely see on the viewscreen. Our probe was soon passes by one from the Klingon ship. I watched as it passed the federation ship and impacted lightly on our shields.

“It seems our Klingon adversary is as interested in us as we are of them.” Raven commented dryly.

As the read outs came in I tried to calm myself by remembering that there were two of us and only one of him. The Klingon ship was exactly the same configuration as our previous reports had informed us. There was one notable difference!

“The Korgath has some light damage already, Captain,” I reported.

I then continued, “It appears that she has taken damage to two of her disruptors and her Anti-missile defense system.”

I then smiled at Nitengale and said, “looks like she got her nose bloodied a bit in her last fight!”

It was hard to tell if Nitengale was ignoring me or if she was just reading the instruments that intently.

She then broke the silence, “All weapons charged, Captain, and the Gettysburg reports the same.”

She then looked down and continued, “The Korgath is now moving to intercept us, Captain.”

Raven looked back towards the main viewer and ordered, “Get in close to the Gettysburg and match her speed, helm.”

As the Korgath approached she grew and began to look as massive as she actually was. I could now see the glow of the engines as well as the lights on various parts of the ship. She was 200,000 Kilometers away when she turned to an oblique angle with us.

“Full reinforcement to the forward shield now,” Raven commanded.

Nitengale made the appropriate adjustments and then I saw eight dots appear on the display.

“Incoming missiles, sir,” Nitengale reported.

No sooner had she said this and the ship was jolted forward, The Korgath had just fired a full broadside at us. I was amazed to see that our electronic countermeasures had managed to fool their targeting computer enough that some of the shots had missed. The remainder still managed to rip off most of the shield reinforcement.

The Gettysburg’s anti-missile defense system had just kicked in and managed to take down most of the incoming missiles, and a few shots from her type-three phasers took care of the rest.

“Fire one pseudo S torpedo,” Raven commanded.

Nitengale fired and I saw the red plasma shell streak towards the Klingon as she was now turning away. She was going to out-run the plasma.

As soon as here rear shield was facing the Stegasaurus, Raven commanded, “Fire all phasers!”

Obviously the Gettysburg had the same idea as no sooner had our shots impacted on the rear of the Korgath than a full volley of proximity torpedoes and phasers were fired from her.

“Enemies rear shield is critically weakened, sir,” Nitengale reported.

“I have never seen such a large ship maneuver that well, We may have to work very hard to get our plasma torpedoes to hit.” Raven commented to Nitengale, apparently unimpressed with our success thus far.

The Korgath moved off and then slowed she then slowly turned back towards us.

“Security teams to all critical stations, Marines to the transporter room.”

Raven continued, “Shuttle bay one prepare and assault team to be launched on my command.”

I could see the Raven was now expecting things to get rough. As the three ships closed on each other, they moved very slowly. I could now see the Korgath had reinforced her front shield and was moving very slowly.

“Captain she is moving slowly enough that It would be very hard to detect a ‘Weasel’ launch.” I reported.

“Yes, once the enemy is with in 100,000 kilometers intermix real a false torpedoes at your discretion, first officer, but leave room between them.” Raven had now stood up and was moving slightly towards the viewscreen.

The Klingons were now slowly launching the missiles one at a time, instead of en masse. As the first was cut down by the AMD the second made it closer and the third even closer. Soon the Gettysburg AMD had cut out as it reloaded both of our ships fired Phasers at the remaining missiles. Soon I saw Nitengale launching the first of our S Torpedoes. Then a fake, now a real F, my thought process was soon intererupted by a blinding flash of light as the Korgath gave a full alpha strike at about 45,000 kilometers. Our front shield collapsed and nearly instantaneously I saw 8 Klingon warriors materializing on the bridge. With a violent scream the 3 security guards threw them selves into combat.

“Take over,” Nitengale yelled as she grabbed her side arm and leapt towards the Klingon that was nearest the Captain.

I fired the rest of our plasma at the Korgath as all hell broke looses around me. I saw two Klingons simultaneously blast the science officer as they were in turned killed by shots from the helm officer. The Captain narrowly missed the axe-like weapon that one of his assailants swung at him only to get kicked squarely in the face by another Klingon.

Now, as I have mentioned before, Raven is not as large as many Gorn, but his strength was soon evident as I saw him grab the leg of the Klingon who had just kicked him. He then proceeded to swing the Klingon like a club into one of his comrades. I heard a sickening crunch above the din of the melee, as two foreheads of the Klingons met with great force. This was follow by a blood curdling scream as I saw Nitengale had literally ripped one of the arms off of her assailant.

“All marines away,” Raven commanded!

I then sent the commands to the transporter pad and shuttle bay. No sooner had I done this than I saw the tactical display light up as a dozen missiles appeared. Six were from scatterpacks launched by each of the other two ships. Our phasers cut down most of theirs but two impacted heavily on our forward hull. The klingons downed many of the incoming missiles but their ship was then rocked by a full alpha strike including 4 overloaded photon torpedoes from the Gettysburg. This completely shredded what was left of the Klingon’s forward shields. Our marines were soon joined by marines from the Gettysburg as they battled aboard the Korgath.

I that short amount of time it appeared that someone had painted the bridge. There was a purplish substance that appeared to be Klingon blood, everywhere. There boarding party was no more.

“Incoming report from the boarding party, Captain,” the Comm. officer now reported, as he pushed aside a dead Klingon.

“Open the channel,” grunted Raven, in a voice I had never heard him use before.

“Channel open sir,” came the reply.

“Captain, we have captured the main bridge of the Klingon ship but they have started a self-destruct sequence from elsewhere on the ship!”

Raven evaluated the options and then told me to get the marines off their ship.

I relayed the command to the transporter room

The boarding party continued, “It appears that they were running with a near skeleton crew, sir and are now out of missiles.”

Raven then replied, “Prepare for return to the ship, Helm, get us away from this wreck.”

As we beamed back the boarding parties I saw that both of our ships were now moving away from the Korgath. Soon another blinding light filled the screen and our ship lurched as the Korgath exploded.

“Ship’s status, first officer?” Raven inquired.

“Damage to three of our phaser banks and several marine casualties as well as some light damage to the sensors.” Nitengale replied as she attempted to keep the blood on her body from dripping onto the controls.

“Have damage control teams begin repair work.” He then continued, “We should expect that the Klingons may have called for reinforcements.”

Nitengale relayed the commands, and also sent for the medical staff to clean up the bridge and check the science officer’s wounds.

The communications station then reported, “Incoming hail from the Gettysburg, Captain.”

“Open Channel.”

Captain Wolfe appeared on the screen with a big smile on her face.

“Captain Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss, your help shall never be forgotten by me or the Federation! Your actions today have sent a great message to all our enemies!”

I could see that Captain Wolfe was now aware of the state of the bridge she was talking too, and she paused a moment.

“Is there anything, we can do to help you get back underway?”

Raven slowly sat back into his chair, “No, Captain we are ready to continue on to Earth at your earliest convenience.”

“Excellent!” she replied, “Captain if I may, I would like to invite you and your bridge staff over for a feast in your honor.”

Raven smiled (I think), and replied, “That would be most kind, once we have made it a safe distance from Klingon space I and my staff would be delighted to feast with you.”

By this time the medical crew was attending to both the science officer and the bodies littering the bridge.

Raven closed the channel and spoke to the helm, “Match the Getttysburg course and speed.”

“Then we all need to get cleaned up for a party!”

He then reached down and picked up the curved hand weapon of the Klingon warrior at his feet.

“I think this would look good on my table in my quarters, don’t you Commander?”

I replied, “Yes, Captain, I believe it would. You realize that you are probably the first of your race to ever own one.”

Raven smiled again (this time I am sure), and said, “Perhaps I will make it a gift to the ‘Great Father’ he has always been intrigued by mammalian artifacts.”

With that he rose and moved towards the lift.

He then turned back towards me and spoke again, “Perhaps I will see if I could be transferred to this part of space permanently. If we must be at war, I think these Klingons would be much more fun to fight than those cowardly Romulans. I wonder what they see in each other.”

Before I could reply he had made his way off the bridge and left me to contemplate if he was joking or not. The Gorn rarely make a joke, but lately I think he has been picking up some bad habits from me.

Now I must get ready to meet Elizabeth. I wonder if she is single?

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
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Re: Gorn Episode 4 - Requiem Æternam
Whole thing is posted to get some of the corrections...

Requiem Æternam

Observer's Log
Commander Satherswait
United Federation of Planets

After a month of meetings and general hobnobbing with the brass at Starfleet Command in San Francisco, Earth, I am continuing my mission on board the “Stegosaurus” A Gorn Heavy Battle Cruiser under the Command of Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss or as I like to call him “Raven”. After our battle with the Korgath the Stegosaurus was accompanied by the Gettysburg on her way to earth to deliver her diplomats as well as to be repaired. In credit to her chief engineer, most of the repairs done in orbit around Earth were ones that were merely superficial exterior repairs. All of the systems that were damaged in the fight with the Klingons were repaired by the Stegosaurus’s crew before we entered sector 001.

Raven not only received commendations from the Gorn Confederation for his valiant defense of the Gettysburg, but Starfleet Command even awarded him and honorary medal (The first received by a Gorn) and ushered him to meet with all the various executive level officials in the Federation of Planets. I almost felt sorry for him. But he made a great impression, by all accounts, on those he met.

Note in personal log:
Commander Wolfe and I have been getting along quite well. I have never met such a wonderful woman in all my life. I almost thought about asking for a transfer so that I could stay close to her. However, I feel compelled to finish my tour with the Gorn. In spite of my romantic feelings for Elizabeth, I also feel as if I would miss my Gorn companions nearly as much as her company.

Official Log continuance:

The Stegosaurus is now to make her way back to the Gorn / Federation border near the Romulan neutral zone. Her primary mission there will be to patrol the Gorn border and look into various reports of Romulan raids in the area.

Raven and I met on the way to the bridge. Once he assumed command of his ship he immediately set to the task at hand.

“Engineering Report,” he commanded.

“All systems nominal, Captain.” He then continued, “Our Federation allies have helped us re-scale our hide, and she is ready for whatever you ask of her.”

I noted that the Chief Engineer looked much better now than a month ago when we arrived in the system. As a matter of fact he had now picked up the nickname “Mars” due to his now infamous antics while on shore leave at the various establishments on the planet of the same name. Mars is not your average Gorn. He is as close to a jester as this race provides. He says he comes from a long line of Gorn bards, or entertainers. How he became a Confederation officer is not readily apparent until you see him in action. He is probably one of the ingenious engineers I have seen. He has managed to come up with solutions to many problems that seemed to require complete reconfigurations that only a star base or shipyard could handle. His damage control abilities are second to none. It is also said that Raven had to call in a few favors in the Confederation in order to get him assigned to the Stegosaurus. It is probably due to this that Raven seems to give his engineer far more leeway in regards to his behavior than anyone else on board the Stegosaurus.

“Very well, Helm set course for Outpost Grasssskinusss.” Raven looked down at the star chart on his chair’s hand console.

“Warp seven, engage”

We traveled uneventfully for several days when the first communication came in from a freighter near the Gorn / Federation border. He was taking supplies back to the Grassskinusss outpost when we received his short message.

The communications officer looked up from her communication log at a red light on her console.

“Incoming message, Captain, it seems to be a short message that was cut off, recovering the saved data now, sir.”

Raven looked back, “On-screen playback.”

“The video has degraded greatly over the distance, but the audio still looks good.”

A very fuzzy image appeared on screen that looked like a much distorted Gorn officer.

The officer seemed to be transmitted in mid sentence, “ … decloaking to our starboard, Oh my lord look at the size of… Brace for impact….”

At this point it appears the broadcast was cut short.

“Is that all we got?”

Raven was now standing.

“Yes, Sir”

“What is the ship’s designation?” inquired Raven.

“She was… is the Stassisk, Captain.”

Raven wheeled and glared at his officer’s slip of the tongue.

“I prefer to think they may have just taken damage to their communications array, or have been jammed Suarisksss!”

The communications officer now looked down with dejection at his console. While he was thinking what we were all thinking, he knew he had no right to “write off” this ship aloud.

Raven sensed that his anger had hurt his young communications officer, “Think no more of it, I need you to get whatever data you can from that signal to see if you can give me anymore information as to why it cut out.”

At this Suarisksss straightened up and began running the data through the computer.

“Helm, best speed!” Raven now sat back into the chair.

The sound of the ship changed a great deal as the engines pulsed and then continuously strummed as they worked to power this huge ship towards the unknown attacker.

After a few hours of travel the communications officer lifted up his head and looked at Raven.

“Captain, I think I have something”

Raven stood and made his way back to the communication’s station

“I have been analyzing the transmission sir and noticed a disruption just a few milliseconds before the transmission cut out. At first I thought it was just the transmitter beginning to fail. Then I noticed that the pattern is one of interference in the subspace signal. This interference is consistent with the interference caused by the signal being interrupted or intercepted by a high energy plasma containment field.”

Raven looked at the read-out. He then visibly tensed up as he recognized the pattern

“Romulan plasma torpedo,” he grumbled.

“Looks like our warm-blooded enemies have decided to lay claim to more of our territory”

He then moved to sit down, but he was interrupted by the voice of the Suarisksss.

“Captain, incoming transmission from the Grassskinusss outpost.”

On screen,” Raven commanded, as he moved in front of his chair.

The image on the screen was that of an Admiral in the Gorn Confederation, he looked fairly old, even for a Gorn.
“To any, and all Confederation forces, the Grassskinusss is under attack by a Romulan ship of a new design. It is a Condor class, but is a configuration that is not in our registry.”

The Admiral’s image went fuzzy and the audio popped some as the picture shook.

“It appears, they have a ….zzzzz… with gre……. And we cannot hope to ……… please assist us at once.”

The transmission then cut out.

“Helm, emergency warp, now!” Raven then continued, “estimated time to the outpost?”

The helmsman made a few corrections and then looked back, “twenty minutes at this speed.”

“Engineering, can you give me any more speed?”

Mars’ voice came across the comm-link on Raven’s chair,

“We are at one-hundred and ten percent already, Captain.” He paused a bit then continued, “If you want to be in any shape to fight when we get there, this is the best I can do.”

Raven tongue now flicked rapidly through his teeth.

As I pulled up the Condor class specs I stifled my gasp. We were going to be fighting another dreadnaught. This time alone….


Raven seemed almost transfixed on the small chronometer in the lower right portion of the view screen. As we approached the Grassskinusss system Raven ordered a long range scan. I was still mulling over the specifications of the only known Condor class dreadnaught in the Gorn registry when I realized I knew little about the Grassskinusss system.

The Grassskinusss had little in the way of resources, at least by Federations standards. This part of the galaxy, however, is fairly “open” and has few systems and these tend to be spread out by fifty light years or more. Other than the Mark III Gorn battle station the Grassskinusss system had a single red giant sun and three planets. Grassskinusss I was a small hot rock with no atmosphere. It had rivers of liquid Iron and little else. Grassskinusss II was the only habitable planet in the system. I use this term generously as Grassskinusss II makes Vulcan seem like a temperate and lush planet. It is hot, arid, and offered little to any but the Gorn miners who labored there. Grassskinusss III was a gas giant and was nearly three times further away from the Grassskinusss sun than Grassskinusss II. The battle station is located in a very high orbit of Grassskinusss II.

I was just looking back up at the main view screen when the tactical officer, Nitengale, reported her findings.

“Captain, the battle station is in bad shape, and the Romulan vessel is now moving off. It may be recharging for a final pass.”

“We are now entering the system, Captain.” The helmsman interrupted.

Raven looked away from Nitengale and ordered the helmsman to make for the Grassskinusss station at best speed.

Nitengale put the view screen on the battle station. I could see that she was on her last legs.

As we arrived within fifty thousand kilometers of the station Raven ordered red alert and full stop.

Nitengale continued her assessment aloud,

“Looks like most everything but life support and some other basic functions of the station are offline.”

The Condor II as Nitengale had entered her in the registry was far off now and as soon as we had halted she began to cloak.

Raven looked to his first officer and then back at the tactical display of the battle station.

“First Officer, You are to lead repair and medical teams to the battle station. We will transport you into engineering and Mars and his teams can began repairs you will take medical and security teams up deck by deck until you can reach the command center. It does look however that you will need to restore life support and gravity in several areas before you will be able to reach the command center.”

“If you, run into any problems hail me immediately.”

By the time Raven had finished this last order Nitengale had already made her way to the turbo lift.
“Commander Satherswait, would you please take tactical station.”

Raven was now looking at me and most of the friendliness that normally accompanied his voice had drained away. I wondered if he was worried that I would fail at this crucial time, as I was worried myself. I had learned by now that Nitengale could not be replaced at the tactical station by anyone. One could only hope to be nearly as effective as she was.

If Raven had such reservations he kept them well hidden. We were now at full readiness for a battle, but there was still no sign of our foes.

Our scanners told us a ship was out there, but if did little more than that. The Gorn had made excellent strides in detecting cloaked vessels in their many years at war with the Romulans. But the Romulans too were always perfecting their devious creation. Most of what the sensors provided was shadows and partial signals, I did my best to interpret them.

“Condor II is generally straight ahead, Captain, two to three million kilometers.” I did my best to make this sound like helpful information!

“Helm,” Raven quietly ordered, “keep us close to the base but move slowly so that we are facing the enemy vessel”

Now the signals became more abundant, and the data was becoming easier to read. This meant the Condor II was moving more quickly. I began to report when the view screen showed the shimmer of the decloaking vessel.

“Decoy shuttles ready!” Raven barked

“We can't out run their plasma this time we have to make sure she attacks us and buy the base some time.”

The crew was now visibly tense. It was one thing to be fighting a dreadnaught, but it was quite another to be doing so when our only real advantage, speed, could not be used.

The Romulan vessel was now picking up speed and Raven ordered a probe of her.

Soon the data came in on here configuration.

“Captain, she has a Mauler!”

Raven didn’t look at me but at the tactical display to the lower left of the main viewer.

I checked off the weapons, this condor was made to cut up base stations. Two Plasma S’s ten phaser banks, and a single large energy weapon placed where the R type plasma was normally mounted. My gut was knotting up as I knew we out gunned her in terms of plasma and were an even match for her with phasers. Heck, our hull was probably just as tough as the Gorn heavy cruisers are often as stout as many dreadnaughts.. But a mauler was a thing to fear. This weapon could destroy a ship with a single shot. It was strictly a close range weapon, but it packs one hell of a punch.

“Good, our enemy will have no choice to engage us at close range and will not be able to get by us to destroy the base.” Raven was now standing in front of his chair.

I couldn’t believe my ears, Raven was actually “happy” that our foe had one of the most devastating weapons imaginable.

“Tactical, start firing real and false S Torpedoes once she is within two hundred thousand kilometers”

“She will probably try to make a close pass and then veer off to recharge, that Mauler is a one shot weapon at high speed, we will need to make chase after she fires it.”

“Tactical if she fires her torpedoes, probe and then use the decoy once you have confirmed they are not fake.”

The Romulan Ship was now closing fast and was still coming directly at us. I began firing with a false S and then a real one as per the Captains, orders. I launch another real one as the first “fake” was broken by her forward shields. At eighty thousand kilometers she launched both S torpedoes, I probed and saw that her Torpedoes were empty. I immediately launched the sensor decoy. As soon as they impacted on the shuttle I fired a full alpha strike with everything we had left. She was now less then ten thousand kilometers away and was turning to our port. Then I saw a blinding light as it seemed the entire bridge exploded.

Everyone was thrown out of their seats as ship was shaken by the Romulan’s phaser and Mauler attack.

I saw Raven recovering his stance as I made my way back to the tactical station. It looked like the entire panel was red!

“Damage, Report!” Raven screamed.

I started to read what I saw, I didn’t even really think about what I was saying I just started listing our problems.

“We lost all our Plasma torpedo tubes, but one F type. All forward phasers are offline. Shuttle bays are breeched. Multiple hull breaches on the upper decks. Transporters and rear phasers are functional, engines are at ninety percent. Life support is critical.

I then continued, “Sensors are damaged but functional, The Condor is making a fast line to the other side of the planet.
Raven came back and stood over me as he looked at the display. He then turned to the helmsman, “Ahead full, and make our way along the other side of the planet, stay close to the atmosphere.”

“Once were are in transporter range I want all non-bridge crew transported to the planets surface, they are to group up and make for the nearest mining camp.”

Raven then leaned close to me and spoke quietly in my own tongue, “I can not affordssss to let her get awayssss commander.”

I now began to understand what we were about to do. I was confused at first as the ship had hardly any working weaponry. Now I realized we were about to make the entire Stegosaurus a weapon. He meant to ram the Condor.

“Helm as soon as all the crew is away I want full speed, no power for anything but forward shields and engines, drain the batteries, understood?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Commander, I want you to find a nice place to transport us on my command.”

“All Crew are safely planetside, Captain.” I reported as I entered the coordinates of our transporter destination.

Raven now moved to the helmsman and put his hand on his shoulder.

“When we get close I want you to veer away from the planet and then high energy turn directly back into the Condor. Even if we don’t destroy her she will be pushed into the atmosphere.”

We were now approaching the Condor. She was just sitting there!


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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
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“This Romulan is a smart one, he knows he need not waste the energy to cloak. He needs it all to charge his weapons.”

“The Condor is now moving slowly and turning towards us, Captain”

Raven slowly moved back to his chair.

“Make a pass to her aft, stay out of her forward firing arc!”

As we sped toward her the Romulan ship slowly turned. At seventy thousand kilometers the condor fired her starboard plasma and phasers. The phasers effectively cut away what was left of our forward shields.

“Helm, high energy turn to port, now!” Raven now grabbed a hold of his chair.
I now felt my stomach lurch as the Stegosaurus lurched to her port side.

Raven now yelled out.

“Helm, now back into her, collision course.”

Now my insides jerked back the other way, and I saw the ship com back in to view. She was barely moving.

“Impact in 7 seconds, Captain” I yelled out.

“You may transport us at your earliest convenience, Commander.”

I quickly pushed the initiate button that my finger had been on this entire time.

A moment later I felt a strong hot wind on my face. I looked around me and then up. We were on a desert mesa and just as I looked up I saw a huge light in the sky. And then watch the remnants of our ship and the Condor streaking through the atmosphere and then impact on the horizon. Moments later a thunderous noise surrounded us as the crash reported to our ears.

It was then the realization of what had happened began to sink in. My home for over a year was now debris on a desert planet. I looked over at Raven, his head was hung low and his body looked very heavy. He slowly raised his head.

“I have never lost a ship under my command before.” He spoke slowly each word holding the weight of a soul searching to see if he could have chosen another path.

“I could not let the Romulans escape, Commander. I just couldn’t……”

He paused and looked at the tricorder.

“We should make for the mining camp. It is 80 kilometers to the north. From there we should be able to contact the space station.”

After an exceptionally long after noon (Grassskinusss II has a 44 hour day) we made our way to the mining camp. About 2 kilometers south of the camp we saw some of the officers of the Stegosaurus and the led us back to the crew.

Upon our arrival in camp a young ensign ran up to the captain with a portable transmitter (Gorn communication is all routed through the ship, so with out it we could not contact the teams on board the battle station). He quickly thrust the device into the captain’s hands.

“It is the Chief Engineer, Captain.”

I heard Mars crackly voice,

“We should be in transporter range soon sir. We met with a lot of resistance. We have been able to hold on to the Engineering section, but I haven’t seen or heard from Nitengale and her security teams since the Stegosaurus went down.”

My mind reeled as my fogged and exhausted mind contemplated what Mars said. The Romulans were taking over the station, or trying. No wonder they didn’t destroy it.

After what seemed like the longest 15 minutes of my life a security detachment and the bridge crew was transported to the engineering section of the battle station.

Mars moved forward to greet and brief the captain.

“Well I have control of all the stations systems. I have us at seventy-five percent power and shields are up. I also the security protocols on lockdown. The main entrance has been sealed since I got them working. I have been waiting for you to come with reinforcements before opening it.”

The Captain looked around.

I too noticed several dead Romulans in a pile near the door. One dead security officer and two other wounded marines were on the other side by the makeshift sick bay the med-teams had set up. Mars was bruised and had a disruptor burn on his tail. I thought I noticed some green blood stains on the end of his tail, but it was hard to tell under this light.

“Open the doors, Commander please stay here and help the chief with anything you can.”

He turned to the security team

“Come with me, we must find our first officer and marines.”

I watched them ready their weapons and begin their movement down the corridor.

I turned to help Mars with a power coupling that he was welding when I heard Raven scream out from down the hall.

“Medical teams… NOW!!!!!”

I turned and ran with several marines and medical staff down the corridor and turned the corner. What I saw next nearly made physically ill.

I saw a security door that had been blasted away. In the adjoining hall there were dozens of bodies. Romulan and Gorn, with phaser and disruptor wounds as well bodies that had obviously killed in hand to hand combat.
As I made my way into this room the stench nearly overpowered me. I saw Raven on his knees holding up the head of a large female Marine. As I moved closer I realized it wasn’t a marine, it was Nitengale. I was pushed aside by the ships doctor he bent down and started scanning her with his tricorder. After a few seconds he stood up and moved to the next Gorn marine. I looked at Nitengale's broken body and realized she couldn’t possibly be alive. Even with amazing advances in medical science no one could repair her body. It looked as if she had received several disruptor wounds as well several dozen stab wounds. Her side was completely open and I could see that her neck had been broken. From be hind me I heard a thin voice of one of the surviving marines (two of the original team of twelve)

“We were ambushed by the sneaky bastards. They attacked just after we closed the door behind us. Captain, she fought so bravely. I saw her charge into their ranks and that gave us time to set up a firing line. She must have killed a dozen of them before they brought her down.”

The grizzled marine no choked some and began to weep quietly.

Raven asked for the help of several of the marines and he moved her back to engineering along with the other valiant dead and the 2 seriously wounded survivors. In all there were seventy-five dead romulan marines and four romulan officers.

After a few hours Mars managed to get the communications array back online and Raven signaled Confederation command. They informed them that several ships would be there soon the first would arrive in less than an hour to pick up the crew of the Stegosaurus and return us to Gorn Prime the Gorn home world.

Later that evening I went to find Raven, but he was not in his quarters. I thought he must be exhausted and would be sleeping. I finally found him in the makeshift morgue that had been set up on the Triceratops (the Gorn command cruiser that was the first to arrive in the Grassskinusss system). He was looking down at body of Nitengale. He noticed my presence and his watery eyes met mine.

“Hello, my friend.”

“It seems that I not only sacrificed my ship, but my first officer, and best friend.”

He now looked away.

“Too high a price… Too high a price.” He shook his head and repeated himself a few more times.

Raven then stiffened his spine, almost like a marine coming to attention on command.

“We will soon be on my home, commander. I would like to visit the family of all my lost crew.”
He now moved towards me and spoke, this time in English, “I knowsssss Nitengalesssss family would be honored if you would comesssss withssssss me.”

He gave a hint of a small smile when he used the nick name I had given her.

“I am sure your presence will be required at the inquiry as well. I am sure their will be questions as to the reasons behind the loss of the Confederation’s ship” He had resumed his native tongue.

“Perhaps, I have commanded my last ship!”

He now looked back at Nitengale and then back to me.

“Perhaps, I will start a family and give up this life.”

I stood there looking at this broken figure. I finally managed to speak.

“I am sure that if you did you would become the Confederation’s best father, since you have already achieved being their best captain.”

Raven looked back at me and I saw his eyes begin their flow again.

“Not quite good enough this time.”

He now turned to look one last time at Nitengale.

“Rest forever, my dear friend. Rest forever.”

He then turned and walked past me and back to his quarters. I would not see him again for over a week.

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #6 on: October 26, 2006, 10:39:15 pm »
Great to see these again, Raven!
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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #7 on: October 27, 2006, 06:35:13 am »
I agree. And I remember more, a planetside story also. Our commander visiting Nightingale's family if i'm not mistaken.
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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #8 on: October 27, 2006, 10:25:51 am »
I agree. And I remember more, a planetside story also. Our commander visiting Nightingale's family if i'm not mistaken.

Correct... I need to find "Homecoming"  before I repost "Inquiry"


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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2006, 08:21:49 am »
Well Finally got around to finding it:



Observer’s Log
Commander Satherswait
United Federation of Planets

Soon after the Triceratops arrived on S'sgarn (One of three Gorn Home worlds) Raven and I disembarked and reported to the Confederation’s Headquarters which happens to be Both Raven and Nitengale’s home world.  It was the first time I had seen him out of his quarters since our conversation in the makeshift morgue.   

S'sgarn is the home of the sub-species of Gorn that have tails.  The other two worlds S'sgarnon and S’sgargnen were the original home of the non-tailed version of the Gorn race.  It was a captain from this line that the federation first encountered on Cestus III.  It is interesting to note that Gorn society seems to hold no real bias towards either of the physiological designs.  The tail is genetically dominant and thus has now become more prevalent.  It is also notable that there are no “half-tails” either one has the “tail gene” or one doesn’t.  This means it is either a full tail or a small vestigle one. 

S'sgarnon is the home world of the Royal Family and was the seat of power of the Confederation in its early years.  Since the last Romulan war It was decided that S’sgarn should be the headquarters as it is more industrially developed than the other two worlds.  This is also where many of the best engineering and ship-design labs are in operation.

Upon reaching Confederation HQ Raven was informed by Admiral G’segess that there was to be an inquiry hearing in two weeks reviewing the events that led to the loss of the “Stegosaurus”.  I was informed that my presence would be required at this hearing as well.  Upon leaving the office of the Admiral, Raven turned to me and seemed to be searching for words.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked.

“Commander  Ssssatherssssswaitss, I would likesssss you to accompany to thessssss home of…”  His words broke as he lost his composure.

I was stunned, I realized I knew nothing of the way the Gorn mourn.  While I would expect that many human’s would still find the pain of the loss hard to cope with, I some how thought that the Gorn would not have as strong emotions.

I broke from my thoughts and replied, “Of course, Captain.”

Raven turned away and moved towards the door to the walkway outside, he moved slowly towards it. 

I was overcome by many thoughts.  I was cursing myself for being so prejudiced that such a physically strong people would somehow hold life in less esteem than humans.  Despite their scaly and tough hide it was obvious that this race of beings (at least this Gorn) were as emotionally “human” as I was.  I thought of what I would say (what could I say) to the Nitengale’s family.

As we stepped out of the doors I was hit with the wall of heat that is the atmosphere of S'sgarn.  It has a gravity that is a full third stronger than Earth.  This did not affect me much as the Gorn simulate this same level of gravity on board their ships.  I had grown quite used to it.  While I have also become more accustomed to the relatively high temperatures that Gorn keep their ships, it was still a shock to be on the surface of S'sgarn.  Today’s temperature was average for this region of S'sgarn.  It was 57 degrees and about 4% relative humidity.  I had remember reading that is was possible for some of the “warmer” areas of S'sgarn to reach 80 degrees.
We walked down towards the transit hub at the nearby merchant center.  Raven seemed to be walking more confidently but was a silent as ever.  I decide I would let him decide when it was time for us to talk.  So I just moved along and took in the views.

When we reached the transit center Raven moved towards a booth and said, “Slenthsinssss” into the panel next to the door of the booth.  A map came up and showed the location he had just said and he continued this time my translator gave me some help, “South transit hub.”  I figured that Slenthsinsss must be home to Nitengale’s family.  Raven and I then stepped into the booth and the transporter hummed to life.  A few seconds later I found the view had changed.  The booth opened and a voice from the panel said the Gorn equivalent to “have a nice day!” and we left the hall passing many booths in varying states of use. 

As we left the hub I had my first look at Slenthsinssss it looked far older than any Gorn settlement I had seen yet.  There were individual domiciles and few shops or businesses.    As we walked along the walkway I noticed Raven pulled a small device from the satchel that was incorporated to the belt on his uniform.  He looked down at the small screen and said that we would need to turn right at “Fesstigsss” and that would lead us to the courtyard of the house of S’slanthiss.

We moved in silence and turned right then moved a few hundred meters further and then came upon the entrance to the house of S’slanthiss.  On a pedestal outside the main courtyard there was a beautiful portrait of Nitengale with a small candle-like torch burning on either side of it.  She was resplendent in what looked like a “just-shed” picture.  I recalled reading that a portrait was often commissioned by the family of a Gorn upon them reaching the age that signified adulthood.  That explained why this looked like Nitengale but smaller and somehow I could tell she was quite a bit younger then.  Raven knelt on one knee before the picture, and began to speak in a chanting, prayer-like way.

“Great Father, look over your child as she makes her way to her ancestors.”

He then continued, “May her journey and trials be short and her song of praise everlasting.”

He then stayed silent for a moment and then rose to enter.

I then moved in front of the picture, and knelt on both knees.

“Lord, I ask that you ease the pain of all of Nitengale’s family, friends, and shipmates.  Be with them, strengthen them, and let them feel your loving presence in their lives.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

I quietly remained in that position for a short while and then rose to join Raven.

We then moved into the courtyard where we encountered a young-adult, judging by her size, female.  She looked up and ran over to Raven and reached out her hand to him. 

“Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss!  So very good to see you again.”

Raven studied her for a moment and replied, “K’sshienslinsss?  Is that you?”

“You were mere hatchling when I last saw you.  You sure have grown!  You look so much like your sister…”

Raven now hesitated, “I wish I was here for any other reason.”

This last statement was almost piercing as it seemed to bring all of us back to the tragedy that brought us here.
I couldn’t help but notice that Raven was right, however, K’sshienslinsss did look very much like Nitengale.  I realize that I am not as able to see the differences that the Gorn have, but I stood amazed that this female could pass for Nitengale easily were it not for the fact that she stood a good meter taller than Raven making here least twenty centimeters taller than Nitengale.  I then realized that she had no tail, but other than that, she looked exactly like Nitengale.

She now broke the silence, “Mother will be so glad to see you, please, come in.”

We then followed her in to large door way that opened into the what looked like a kitchen. 

Standing near a counter I saw a small child (80 centimeters shorter than me) standing next to a large female.  This woman looked much like Nitengale as well.  She turned and saw Raven and I and moved towards us she then tearfully embraced Raven.  She backed away from a moment and then turned to me.

“You mussssst be Ssssssathersssswait,  Sh’seeklesthlea spoke of you often.”

I forced a smile and mumbled something about my deepest condolences.

Raven now shook uncontrollably as a hoarse voice issued forth,

“It is all MY fault!”

He sobbed, “I sent her to her death, I have brought Death to your door, and I fear I will never forgive myself.”

Raven now nearly doubled over.  With this I saw the large hand of Nitengale’s mother reach gently to Raven’s chin.  She slowly raised his head until his drowned gaze met her warm eyes. 

“Sh’seeklesthlea chose her life path well and knew the dangers and rewards it could bring.”

She choked a little and then continued,

“It is my understanding that my daughter fought to save many lives, and it was in this struggle that she was killed.”

“Yes, that is true,” Raven managed to croak.

“Then she died as she lived, thinking of the welfare of her people.”

Raven stood staring lost in the words.

“As have you, Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss, you know that it could have, and could in the future, be you who will be faced with that choice.”

Raven spine seemed to gain strength.

“We both know how you and all honorable defenders of our people would make that choice."
Raven nodded slowly.

“Grossskleidchensssslassshmaethssss, since your father and mother died you have been like my son.”  She then continued, “I thank God that I did not lose both of you!”

With this Nitengale’s mother slumped back into a chair and the young child (a male) crawled up on to her lap and held on to her tightly.

Raven now looked silently at them together and glanced towards me.

“I think I would like to spend the evening in this house.”

I took my cue and told him I would find my way back to the Federation embassy.

As I made my way to a much needed rest, I thought about my family.  With my ship, my assignment, now a pile of debris on a rock somewhere in space, I began to realize I too might soon see my home.  Strangely I didn't feel like my homecoming would be a very happy affair.

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2006, 08:34:25 am »
And Finally (For now) the last written installment.  However I have a renewed energy, and I think I may soon write more.


The Inquiry
Observer’s Log
Commander Satherswait
United Federation of Planets

I was in my second day of hard drinking when Raven walked into the bar I had claimed in the name of the Federation.  I had become fond of a strong spirit that had a name that I could barely pronounce sober, let alone after having “a few”.  It was similar in its taste to Earth’s Single Malt Scotch, it had an “earthy” peat taste and was smoky.  When Raven walked in he said little as sidled next to me.  He looked at me and my glass, and then nodded to the barkeep who had been waiting to take his order.  The bartender brought him what I was drinking and Raven took a drink and looked at me again. 

“I am not certain that is good for your health to be drinking our liquor, Commander.”

I looked at him with my drink in hand, “It was the least poisonous thing on the menu!”

I then grinned wryly at him and he nodded and finished his drink.  Raven laughed quietly and then became a bit more serious.

“I have been looking over the logs and I think I am ready for the Inquiry in two days.”

I set my drink down, “Don’t worry, old friend, you will not have to worry about me.”

I then continued, “This is my last drink.”

He helped me out the door and we spent the rest of the evening talking about “old times” and how much we had seen.

Two days later I was sitting in the Gorn Confederation’s Headquarters listening to the log entries as they recited of the events of the battle Grassskinusss.  Raven and I were in from of a Gorn commission that consisted of three Rear Admirals and an officer of the state.  Admiral Kensington was there as well due to the fact that I was required to be there as “the next highest ranking officer that survived the battle”.  The Admiral seemed to be upset that he “had” to be here due to my involvement in the battle.  I called my mind back to the matters at hand as the log entries stopped.

The officer of the state was the one who seemed to be running the questioning as he stood up an addressed Raven.

“Captain, why didn’t you contact Confederation Headquarters before engaging the Romulan?”

“Upon entering the system we assessed that the attacking vessel was still a threat and moved to repair the base while buying it some time.”
He then continued, “I did not wish to take the chance that Romulan could intercept the signal and realize that we were alone.”

This seemed to satisfactorily answer the question because the inquisitor now changed his tack.

“Captain, why did you feel it was necessary to engage the Romulan at all?”

Raven stared unblinkingly and answered in almost machine like fashion.

“The base station was too damaged to survive another attack, to flee meant certain destruction for those on the base.”

“However, I felt confident that if I bought them some time that I might be able to save the station and possible the Romulan might withdraw rather risk damaging his vessel in Enemy territory.”

“I see,” the officer then moved from behind the table and strode towards our table, “So you felt that you could handle a Romulan Dreadnaught ‘all by yourself’ and wouldn’t need assistance?”

He now leaned down and spat his text a few inches from Raven’s face, “It is that kind of arrogance that cost the confederation a heavy cruiser as well as an excellent First Officer!”

Raven stared directly back at him.

“I realized the cost of my decisions, sir, it was my judgement that the risks to my crew were acceptable if we could save the base and drive off the enemy.”

The inquisitor now stood up and coolly turned to face the other four.

“So at what point did you feel it was prudent to use your heavy cruiser as a battering-ram?”

Raven inhaled deeply and then looked directly at the each of the Admirals before continuing.

“As the logs indicated I was somewhat surprised by the mauler on this particular ship, this enabled the Romulan to severely damage us and I decided that I could only ensure the safety of the battle station by destroying the Romulan Dreadnaught.”

Raven paused slightly, “It was obvious to me the Romulan was not going to disengage.”

The inquisitor now leaned down and spoke quietly to Kensington.  He then stood up and turned back to Raven and I he approached me and spoke in a softer tone.
“Comander Satherssssswait, how would you assess the performance of the Captain over the time you spent with him?”

I glanced at the stern face of  Kensington and then back at large Gorn in front of me.  I knew what Kensington thought, and I knew that I would be ensuring the doom of my working with Raven ever again.  But, I also knew that I would never be able to live with myself if I did not tell the truth.

“The Captain has not only served well, sir, I believe he is an exemplary officer that has saved countless lives and performed as well, no… better, than any Federation officer I have ever served with!”

Kensington looked like he was about to explode, but I no longer cared,

“Furthermore, I think that anyone who thinks that a Captain should just sit by and condemn his people to death and watch idly  by while it happens should prepare to lose this war, because if you have Captains of that sort... that would fail to act as this one has done you have no hope of winning this war.”

Well, I had done it!  I had managed to end my career in one hundred words or less.

The Gorn Admiral at the end of the table now stood up and asked the court guards to lead us to a small conference room near by while they deliberated.

As I walked out I could almost feel the heat of Kensington’s glare on my back.  But I felt so good to have finally ‘been heard’ after so long of listening.  As we entered the conference room I paced as Raven calmly took a seat.

“Commander Satherswait?”

I turned to look at Raven, “Yes?”

“I can not thank you enough for what you have said… I will not insult you by saying I wish you had not said those things.”

He stood up and walk towards me and put his large hand on my shoulder.

“However, I wish you had not been so outspoken on my behalf, if I lose my command that is a small price, but for you to risk your career for me…”

“It is what you would have done for me, and you know it, “I interrupted him.

“Frankly, Raven, I told the truth as I saw it, I am an Observer, and now I have made my observations.”

Raven now turned slightly away and spoke quietly, “You are a good man, Satherswait, I only wish I could be sure that you knew that.”

It was now my turn to be quiet.  I sat down and thought about the past days.  It was all so much to take in.  It seemed like only a few minutes before the door opened and the guard appeared to take us back out.  I looked at the small computer tablet at our table as we were seated and realized that they had been “convening for over 2 hours”.  Now if I only knew if that were good or bad.

After the various formalities of the rules of order of this inquiry were read to us by the officer of the state Admiral Kensington stood up and began to speak.

I tried to not look surprised but I could not fathom why he would be speaking formally in a Gorn inquiry.

“Captain, it has been the finding of this board of inquiry that your actions in the loss of your ship were justified and that no formal blemish should appear on your record.”

He now stepped away from his table, “However, the war has caused great strains on the Confederation’s ability to produce ships that would be commensurate with your level of experience.”

“This commission has decided that your next command assignmentwill be aboard the U.S.S. Vicksburg.” 
He continued, “You will be commanding a Federation ship with a Federation crew, you will also have a Federation First Officer.”

“Commander Satherswait, you will report to the U.S.S. Vicksburg as her First Officer and prepare her crew for the changes that will be necessary to accommodate their new Captain.”

I sat their in complete disbelief as Kensington went on to outline why a Gorn captain was wanted for this ship.  This ship was a new prototype, further advancing on the BCF class of Battle Cruiser.  Instead of two “F” type plasma torpedoes she had a single forward firing “S” type torpedo and in place of her Anti-Drone Defense she had the new plasma “D”.  She was to be the Federations answer to the new threat posed by the Romulans and their new use of pseudo fighters.  It was felt that it would be best to have a Gorn Captain to help utilize these Gorn weapons to their fullest ability and it would be a good test of this new age of multiple technologies.

Raven was given two days leave to see some of his family and I was ordered to make the Vicksburg “deep-space ready” in one week.  I poured over her specification on my way the space dock.  I also reviewed her history.  She was in a Gorn space dock following an incident in which she came to the aid of a Gorn freighter and was severely damaged by an ambush of several Romulan “King Eagles”.  The Captain managed to escape but he as well as his first officer and one third of the crew failed to survive the mission.  The Crew we would have was made up of half of the original Vicksburg crew who were coming back from extended leave as their ship was refitted by the Gorn/Federation team that worked on her.  The other half of the crew would be recent graduates from Starfleet Academy.  She was a odd but beautiful ship and I looked forward to my position as First Officer of a prototype ship.

I was filled with a new hope for our cause in this war, and with a new respect for an Admiral that I had obviously misjudged.  I promised myself never to do so again.

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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2006, 05:12:12 pm »
Hey- I'm glad you finally found them! :D

I had a look here n there with no luck, I never even thought to check the old CB board. Check this off my list :) Way to go!! Now I finally get to read this epic LOL
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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
« Reply #12 on: November 22, 2006, 06:56:48 pm »
I said it before, but it really is nice to see these again, Raven.
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Re: Hallelujah!!!!! I FOUND EM!
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Wow - blast from the past...