Topic: =/\= interesting article "fossilized microbes" in martian rock, proved soon?  (Read 1682 times)

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further studies are getting "very close" to proving that meteorites from mars actually do contain fossilized microbes. it will be interesting to see what happens in this case. it goes without saying that if life is proved to have once existed on mars, science books will have to be rewritten. certain religious groups will also have to reevaluate their  belief structure (was that diplomatic enough? :) )
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IIRC they have only found possible amino acid strings.  A building block that could become life, but nothing that looks like life.  So nothing really has to be rewritten yet.  But then I would like to see some real proof that these stones are from Mars.  Basic composition is similar, but who says it couldn't have come from half ways across the galaxy.  It is all a guess so far.
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I would not be surprised. Matter must study itself, regardless of where it is.

... certain religious groups will also have to reevaluate their belief structure ...

Not necessarily. An all powerful being could have created all that we perceive mere microseconds ago and how would we know the difference? ;)

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Edit: I do have unanswered questions about sample integrity and analytical method however.
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