Topic: =/\= protest over lack of 18+ game rating in auzzie land!  (Read 1272 times)

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=/\= protest over lack of 18+ game rating in auzzie land!
« on: March 17, 2010, 05:34:32 pm »
being an avid gamer, this is an issue that i have been following for quite some time. in australia, if a game does not comply with the game rules of being appropriate for players under 15, it is given a 15+ designation and is therefore banned from sale in that country. since there is no classification for games to be "adult only" these games cannot be sold. so, for example, left 4 dead one of the most popular zombie games ever! cannot be sold in Oz. people have been advocating and trying to get an 18+ games designation for years and this was a protest for that cause.

the fact that there is no 18+ designation is stupid and silly in my opinion. you are causing a ton of great games to be banned in your country. END THE MADNESS!!!
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