Topic: =/\= finally hallucinogens as medicine! about time  (Read 1170 times)

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=/\= finally hallucinogens as medicine! about time
« on: April 12, 2010, 04:59:13 pm »

as a proponent of hallucinogens (not for everybody mind. not everyone can handle them) i think it is about time that this type of study is being done. there was a great study done by dr. rick strassman that resulted in a great book on the effect of enthnogenic DMT (enthnogenic means naturally occuring) in the brain as a cause of near death and alien abduction events with people. the book is called "DMT the spirit molecule" fascinating reading. i am happy to see that more studies are being done on mind altering substances. ibogaine is now being used to treat addiction in clinics in the form of suboxone, my migraine medications is a denatured form of triptamine. there are legit uses for these molecules.

i limit my use of psychodelics to once or twice a year at most. DMT has been my favorite and i feel that with the proper supervised use of them, people can make great strides in their own path towards enlightenment. i do not feel that it is a shortcut to enlightenment but a tool to get closer to it.

i hope you find the article informative and hopefully will at least give opponents something to think about if it doesn't change their minds
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