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SFC3 Planet assault missions question
« on: April 13, 2010, 12:45:45 pm »
I've been playing around with the mission scripts (SFC3 API) a bit but I'm a bit clueless to planet assault missions:

I want to make it so that instead of that gas giant only M-class planets will be used in this mission, but I can't find any functions that define what type of planet it uses. The scan mission does have such a function but the planet missions (meta_hail_planet and meta_hail_homeworld) do not seem to have it.

Just copying code from the scan mission obviously doesn't work because it uses variables specific to that mission, I also don't want to replace the gas giant in the defaultloadout file (it would work but will remove the gas giant from the game while I think it's a nice background planet).

One more question: is it possible in conquest mode to change the name of prestige? I have the Dominion taking up the slot of Species 8472 (I changed the long name of Species 8472 in the file to "Dominion") so Dominion hexes show up as Dominion space and the the name "Dominion" is also used by the News. But when I click on a hex it will say it belongs to the Dominion but if there's a planet or a ship in it, it will say "Species 8472 Planet xxx" or Captain with xxx "Species 8472 Prestige" flying xxx. I want to make it so that it says "Dominion Planet xxx" and "Dominion  Prestige".