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=/\= lots o' science-y news today!
« on: September 02, 2010, 02:24:47 pm »
first some eye candy! there are some really cool satellite photos that have been going around the net and the guardian ran a bunch together here:
my favorite are the eddies created in the clouds by the islands.

the first known shaman is found in northern isreal. the burial included many spiritual items and tortoise shells from a funeral feast. the shaman was part of the Natufian people who were the first people to settle down from a nomatic life for a villiage life. this was particularly moving story for me being a shaman as well. read about it here:

a great story about little cars! anyone who is a fan of the show mr. bean is aware that he drives and old mini cooper. and his nemesis drives an old 3 wheel morris. in the addams family movie, uncle it drove a 3 wheeled morgan. little cars have been around for a long time and there is a dedicated fan club for these little wonders. i myself have had an infatuation with a morris minor pickup truck. a 1952 to be exact. i would love to own one. great pictures and article here:

finally, another oil platform has exploded off louisianna and was contracted by BP. while they say that the wells are capped and the fire (that is still going) is not of the wells but of the petroleum that was in storage on-site. anyone else tired of this? read here:
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