Topic: =/\= life imitates the simpsons! plus colbert/stewart rallies  (Read 1124 times)

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=/\= life imitates the simpsons! plus colbert/stewart rallies
« on: September 20, 2010, 03:07:30 pm »
in a bizzare story from new york (where else ;) ) life imitates a simpsons episode. brooklyn decided to try to fight the rat problem by introducing a foreign species (doesn't anyone ever learn about foreign species introduction?!?!?! ) to fight/eat the rats. the species they introduced was the rather rat-like in itself opossum! their thought was that the opossum would come in and eat the rats then apparently die off from starvation after eating all their food source. is anyone not surprised this didn't work. now brooklyn is overrun with opossum. lol, people amuse me. i guarantee this idea was proposed by a non-science person. read here:

close your eyes sirgod... ;)

as a fan of stephen colbert and jon stewart, i was highly amused by their coverage of the recent "restoring honor" fiasco by glenn beck.  in a strange but hardly unexpected, they have decided to host their own speech/rally. two separate rallies will be held as a spoof of the beck's "i have a scheme" rally (listed as such on stewart's show and not my creation regrettably). colbert had called his speech “March To Keep Fear Alive” and stewart's is calling his “Rally To Restore Sanity”. both titles tickle my funny-bone greatly and i look forward to them. they will be held oct 30th. both are encouraging people to treat these rallies as a day of fun and celebration. so, put on your best silly hat (yes tinfoil counts ;) ) and read about it here:

p.s. this is not a political forum. the proper forum for posting political discussion is in the hot n spicy forum. any posts in this thread of a political nature will be deleted/moved. this is intended to be a fun post about a comedy event. you have been warned
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Re: =/\= life imitates the simpsons! plus colbert/stewart rallies
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2010, 11:02:41 pm »
Can I open them now LOL. :D

Oppossums will eat anything, uhm except for an old dog we had named Wolfen. Looked like a wolf, Had the body of a beagle. (very odd dog.)

that darn dog would bring us Possums, Raccoons, and even j'inns deadly enemy, squirrels all the time.

Yeah, I had read about the Rally thing, and got a chuckle out of it myself.  oh well, Free speech and all of that. I doubt they could even get the Lincoln Memorial even if this wasn't a gag, as they are real hard to book there. I believe something like only 30 events total per year, and nothing Political at all is allowed now. although I might have my numbers wrong.

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