Topic: =/\= terry pratchett knighted, decided to forge his own meteroite sword for it  (Read 1081 times)

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this was highly amusing!

terry pratchett (famed author) was knighted and he was so excited he decided to forge his own sword out of meteorite (can you say electrum 2nd ed d&d'ers?) and he did it all himself. now that is home hacking at it's best. 81g of ore and makes a sword. wow.


in actual science news today... lol everyone knows i love oregon. my homestate and i love the internet (who doesn't) but sometimes the hunters in oregon annoy me. seems that google regularly has fiber shot down by hunters aiming at insulators. so much so, that google is putting it's fiber underground. now having been to the Dalles (the daahls to locals, not dallas that is a tv show and some place in TX) i can attest that the backwoods folk do exist out that way. it is the east side of mt. hood and in the columbia valley gorge. i think it is not all bad tho. most people are normal nice folks there..
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