Topic: =/\= china launches second moon probe, top 10 retro gaming secrets  (Read 1492 times)

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in science news today, china has successfully launched it's second moon probe. article here:

and another interesting article talks about little known facts about the old games in our past. one of which is a solar powered game from the 80's!

article here:
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Re: =/\= china launches second moon probe, top 10 retro gaming secrets
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article here:

3. Seems like less of a "secret."  It seems kind of obvious that until the 90s all the major consoles had light guns.  And while Nintendo stopped bothering with guns for a while after the collosal failure of the superscope, other consoles continued to have guns in each generation.  They just never gained the level of recognition that the NES zapper had because they weren't pack-in items.