Topic: =/\= new faint exoplanet detection method, and 5 hair raising nuke stories  (Read 1396 times)

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first up is an article about a new much needed method to detect faint exoplanets. and it all comes down to a small piece of glass called a "Apodizing Phase Plate". a really interesting read. article here:

nextt up is a story sure to cause old mr. browneye to twang shut or at least twinge a little. these are the kind of stories that make my guts roll like on a turbulent flight or a roller coaster. 5 times we almost nuked ourselves tells some of the stories that most people have never heard of and probably are glad for it. ignorance is bliss sometimes. this article also points out and supports one of the things i have been saying for years, we have more threat from incompetence and human error than actual nuclear attack.

read the hair raising article here:
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