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first is some sad news today. grant mccune, a name which most people have never heard of outside science fiction and fantasy movies, has died of pancreatic cancer. he was 67 years old and most famous for the design of r2-d2. he worked on such iconic movies such as spaceballs and ghostbusters (cough 2 cough) also rambo and was uncredited for the shark in the original jaws movie. the list continues with more icons; Die Hard, Never Say Never Again and Caddyshack, Speed, Batman Forever, U.S. Marshals, Red Planet, U-571 and Spider-Man. Not to mention an Oscar nod for the original Star Trek the motion picture and the 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica! he will be missed. his work was visionary and became ingrained in the social minds of todays movie fans for all time. read about it here:

next is an exciting story about a new book that is a "how-to" on mars colonization. "The Human Mission to Mars
Colonizing the Red Planet" by Joel S. Levine, Ph.D, Rudy Schild, Ph.D. et. al. read here:
now available at
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