Topic: =/\= real time holograms with kinect and lego antikythera mechanism  (Read 1275 times)

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this is exciting to me. someone recreated the famous holographic princess leia scene in real time using the new kinect. people at MIT recreated the scene using the kinect as an input device and then outputted the hologram as a live feed! no glasses needed!
article + video here:

this is one of my obscure fascinations. the somewhat famous Greek antikythera mechanism that has puzzled scientists ever since it's discovery was not only figured out in the last couple of years but now someone has made a lego recreation of the device to show how it computed eclipses and calendar. it uses about twice the gears but works! more about the original antikythera mechanism here: and video here:
Lego Antikythera Mechanism
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Re: =/\= real time holograms with kinect and lego antikythera mechanism
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