Topic: =/\= 24,000 pixels moon shot and tractor beams?!?!?!?!?!?! more blade runner.  (Read 1608 times)

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a new photo of the moon is available and oh my is it purty! the LROC camera has provided some awesome pics but this one is just breathtaking. the article is here:
the big huge omg beautiful picture is here:  be warned. it is HUGE! don't come crying to me when smoke pours out of your video card. ;)

next up. tractor beams. i am serious. the new technology known as Bessel Beams could be the beginning of tractor beam technology. this is really exciting. the original article is in greek but has been translated by the "google oracles" and is a fascinating and compelling read. the new laser technology can actually interact with physical material. just... wow. go read the article here:

original greek article here:

so, i am mostly disappointed but also a little excited to read that there is a blade runner sequel and a prequel in the works. i am disappointed because they will most likely screw it up royally. i am hopeful that it will be good but i am not holding my breath... hopefully phillip k dick will not spin in his grave like a failing hard drive on crack
article here:
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Word of warning indeed! That "big huge omg beautiful picture" is a whopping 549MB! Be forewarned!

Helluva picture tho :)