Topic: =/\= discovery comes home for the final time... ray tracing in the cloud  (Read 1595 times)

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in a bittersweet but excellent article, the final mission of discovery is discussed. she landed safely and majestically from her final mission to space. i am sad for her end but she was an awesome ship and spent a full year in space counting all mission time. an amazing craft and an amazing feet of engineering by humans. we need to keep going. moon base, mars, jupiter's moons, beyond... always beyond. we have an entire universe to explore! to the discovery and all who flew on her, i salute thee! <S>
article here:

finally an interesting article on a proposed way to make ray tracing in pc games a possibility. currently pc's cannot handle the very difficult job of rendering ray tracing in addition to all the rest of the video rendering. this interesting idea, proposes to let a could with 32 processors do the job of ray tracing and send the computed data to the computer! very interesting!
read here:
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Bill Shatner wakes the Discovery Crew on Monday with a special message...
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