Topic: =/\= fermi lab study released - no higgs boson found, australian hoverbike!  (Read 1306 times)

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well i am a little disappointed today. while i have finished the long version of the press release (the one with the actual science stuff in it) it looks like the chicago fermi lab is saying the the "blip" on the CERN experiments in april was not a sighting of the higgs boson. sigh. so they are saying that it was "nothing". it is complicated. so read here for a brief summary. i am not entirely sure i believe them. i will wait until the european analysis is released as well.

well i reported on the australian jetpack here, now why not the australian hoverbike! yes, you to may soon own your own hoverbike. the designer claims he may be able to reach 10,000 feet in it's current incarnation. bonus points for style as it looks awesome!!!
read here:
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