Topic: =/\= Urine luck! we have one NASA sports drink left! synthetic organ transplant  (Read 1598 times)

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i know i know. a horrible joke to be sure. but nasa has developed a special bag that will recycle urine into a "sugary sports drink" (i vote they call it "astro-nade" or "space lemonade" ;) horrible puns are my specialty) you just have to read the article to fully appreciate this breakthrough.
read it here:

bonus points for the stillsuit reference! frank herbert would be proud!

in medical news, the start trek medical sciences division has a new tool under their belts. surgeons in sweden did their first synthetic organ transplant of a human windpipe, by using the patients own stem cells they new organ will not reject! fantastic developement! read about it here:

finally, from the random bin.... wigs for cats! kittywig is here!:
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When I read this, I thought it was going to be tied into that new Synthohol story that's been going around. Dang, can't find the link on it I saw earlier today.

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