Topic: =/\= extra-galactic graphene found. comet elenin will not cause kill us!  (Read 1421 times)

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couple of cool things to report today.

first up, there has been a major discovery in space. the first ever graphene has been found outside of earth. graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms and is the future of many tech developments. it has been found by the spitzer telescope and it has also found buckyballs and other oddities. read the article for all the details:

next is the comet elenin and several hairbrained theories including doomsday scenarios. nasa released some information today to try to quell some of the worst "theories". some of the things people have said are going to happen are downright ludicrous. the comet at it's closest approach will still be 22 million miles away from the earth, it will not affect tides, it will not blot out the sun for 3 days, etc... read here for the details and real science:
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