Topic: =/\= epic solar flare/geomagnetic storm hits earth, ancient supernova solved  (Read 1293 times)

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yesterday a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun slammed into earth around 2pm eastern time. this caused information disruption across the board and aurora like sightings as far south as georgia. it was massive huge. read about it here:

about 2000 years ago there was a massive supernova that was documented by chinese astronomers. this supernova was so large that it could be seen as a "guest star" here on earth. it was the size of the full moon by accounts. this has been a mystery for astronomers for decades. the mystery has been solved and the supernova was about 8000 light years away. scientists now think they know why this supernova was able to expand so fast and so large to be seen here. read here for details:
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So thats the cause. Hmm i was wondering why my dish network tv has been droping out no storm clouds been here for a while and techs say the system is working fine.

Hmm is that a referance to the Holy birth the super nova ? Texts say a bright light was seen during the mid day thoughout that night on the day of his birth? 
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