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first up today is a really cool and significant story about stars. it has been found that stars CAN make complex organic compounds and expel them into the universe! it has been observed that the evolutionary state of the star determines whether it can produce these compounds formerly thought to be made only by living complex organisms. very exciting stuff if you are into astronomy! read here for all the details:

next up is the very strange and exciting finds about the asteroid lutetia. last year the rosetta space craft passed the asteroid and analysis of the testing revealed something really cool, the asteroid is actually a proto-planet. this almost planet never quite got fully started in the planet forming process in it's orbit past mars. it's core is not that of a random asteroid but fits the bill for early planet formation. read the article for details (not much substance there but it is there)

well today is "crap of get off the pot" day for scientists claiming they have cold fusion down and are set to open a 1MW cold fusion factory. this plant is supposed to use cold fusion exclusively and set to start production today! oct 28th. many in the scientific community have been following this story to see if they are the real deal or just another in a long line of hoaxters and scammers. read here for the dirty details:
frankly my B.S. meter pings very loudly and at the top of the scale for this story. i just don't think there has been enough excitement in the science world for this to be legit. the fact that the people claiming cold fusion success will not allow full disclosure just tells me "scammer" and not "legit scientist". we shall see i guess...

finally some humorous news for you. what do you think the largest minted coin ever made has for dimensions? would it help to say that this is a gold coin? 5grams? 10 grams of gold? 25? 100?! would you believe ONE TON of gold, in a coin with a value of $50mil a mint in perth australia, has made a coin that is 80cm x 12cm thick! read the details here!
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