Topic: =/\= simulated mars mission returns "home", laser to rip hole in time/space?  (Read 1481 times)

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first up is the "return" of the simulated mars mission. on june 3rd 2010, yes last year 520 days ago, the mars test flight team "launched" to test the viability of long term space flight. they landed and apparently to a completely successful mission! awesome job team! the international crew performed over 100 experiments in a simulated mars environment and returned safely to earth. this is very good news for our space program! read about it here:

this next piece has me a little worried. i am not sure this is a good idea and i am unsure if it is really safe. a team plans to build a high powered laser to "rip" a hole in the fabric of time-space. my gut reaction was not a good one. in fact, i have spent the last 30 mins or so discussing this with another friend and it would be a form of time travel in reality and worst case scenario is that you die in some other unknown dimension... not sure how i feel about this yet... read about it here: and
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